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    The Mercedes-AMG GT, Now Roofless!

    • Mercedes-AMG decides its time to drop the top on the GT

    Auto show season is upon us and automakers are beginning to reveal their various debuts. For example, Mercedes-AMG has pulled the curtain back on the AMG GT and GT-C Roadsters that will officially debut at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

    Like the GT coupe, the GT Roadster feature the same 4.0L biturbo V8 with different states of tune. The GT Roadster punches out 469 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque, and the GT-C features 550 horsepower and 502 pound-feet. Those with keen eyes will note the two roadsters produce more power than their coupe counterparts (GT: 456 horsepower and 443 pound-feet; GT-S: 503 horsepower and 479 pound-feet). Why? Our hunch is due to the added weight. Mercedes isn't disclosing that information at the moment. Both come paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch Speedshift transmission. 0-60 mph times are 3.9 seconds for the GT and 3.7 for the GT-C. 

    The GT-C is an interesting beast. It features remapped programming, a performance exhaust system, a wider rear track, electronic limited-slip differential, and rear-wheel steering. With all of the parts, the GT-C roadster appears to appeal to those hardcore folks who want to put the top down.

    The GT Roadster uses a soft-top that is available in three colors. The top can be put down or up in 11 seconds and at speed up to 31 mph. There is also the active air management system that uses vertical louvers behind the front grille. At low speeds, the louvers close to reduce drag. At higher speeds, the louvers open to provide additional cooling.

    “With our two Roadster models, we are strategically expanding the AMG GT family by two exciting variants. With the AMG GT C Roadster, we are also introducing a new model variant to which we have transferred main performance-related components from our top sports car, the AMG GT R. The result: a highly dynamic driving experience in a very exclusive ambience, coupled with that pure roadster feeling,” said Tobias Moers, chairman of Mercedes-AMG in a statement.

    Mercedes says the AMG GT Roadster will arrive in the U.S. next fall.

    Source: Mercedes-AMG 

    Press Release is on Page 2

    The new Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster and Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster

    • Open-top driving performance

    September 14, 2016 - Affalterbach.

    Mercedes-AMG is blowing even more fresh air into the AMG GT family. Shortly after the world premiere of the AMG GT R, AMG is presenting two exciting roadster variants of the two-seater sports car. Alongside the AMG GT Roadster, the AMG GT C Roadster enhances the portfolio with a completely new model variant. With an output of 550 hp and peak torque of 502 lb-ft, the AMG GT C is the most powerful new Roadster variant and uses some of the technical refinements of the AMG GT R. These include active rear axle steering and the electronically controlled rear axle locking differential. In combination with AMG RIDE CONTROL sport suspension, the AMG GT C Roadster guarantees dynamic performance at the very highest level. The AMG GT C Roadster also takes its lead from the top AMG GT R sports car where muscular proportions are concerned: the wider rear fenders create space for a wider track and wider wheels at the rear axle, allowing for excellent traction and even higher cornering speeds. The variable performance exhaust system also ensures an authentic V8 sound from the AMG Roadster.

    The new Roadsters make hallmark AMG driving performance an even more intensive experience. "With our two Roadster models, we are strategically expanding the AMG GT family by two exciting variants. With the AMG GT C Roadster, we are also introducing a new model variant to which we have transferred main performance-related components from our top sports car, the AMG GT R. The result: a highly dynamic driving experience in a very exclusive ambience, coupled with that pure roadster feeling," says Tobias Moers, Chairman of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

    With the two Roadster variants the Mercedes-AMG GT family has now increased to five members. The two new sports cars with fabric soft tops likewise have the technical genes for which AMG is famous. These include a lightweight and torsionally rigid aluminum bodyshell plus powerful and efficient V8 biturbo engines. The entry level into the Roadster world is the AMG GT with an output of 469 hp.

    The AMG GT C Roadster adds a completely new output level. With 550 hp it is the more powerful of the two new open-top sports cars.

    Technical data at a glance:

      Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster
    Engine 4.0-liter V-8 with twin turbochargers and direct injection 4.0-liter V-8 with twin turbochargers and direct injection
    Displacement 3,982 cc 3,982 cc
    Output 469 hp at 6,000 rpm 550 hp at 5,750-6,750 rpm
    Peak torque 465 lb-ft at 1,700-5,000 rpm 502 lb-ft at 1,900-5,750 rpm
    Drive system Rear-wheel drive Rear-wheel drive
    Transmission AMG SPEEDSHIFT® DCT 7-speed dual-clutch transmission AMG SPEEDSHIFT® DCT 7-speed dual-clutch transmission
    Acceleration 0-60 mph 3.9 s 3.7 s
    Top speed 188 mph 196 mph
    Rear-axle limited-slip differential mechanical electronically controlled
    Suspension AMG Sport Suspension AMG RIDE CONTROL Sport Suspension with adaptive, adjustable damping
    Wheels front / rear 9.0" x 19" / 11" x 19" 9.0" x 19" / 12.0" x 20"
    Tires front / rear 255/35 R 19 / 
    295/35 R 19
    265/35 R19 / 
    305/30 R 20
    Brake discs front/rear 14.2" / 14.2" 15.4" / 14.2"
    Transmission modes four: C, S, S+, I five: C, S, S+, I, RACE

    The AMG GT C Roadster not only delivers more output and torque, it also impresses with numerous technical highlights from the Mercedes-AMG GT R for even more dynamic performance. Like the AMG GT R, the AMG GT C Roadster is recognizable by its wide, muscular rear end and large wheels. Other technical measures include the wider rear track and active rear axle steering.

    The AMG GT C Roadster is also equipped with a lithium-ion battery and has more exclusive appointments. Standard features include a Nappa leather interior, AMG Performance steering wheel in Nappa leather/DINAMICA microfiber and the additional transmission mode "RACE."

    Fully automatic: the weight-optimized fabric soft top

    Both Roadsters are quickly transformed from coupes to open-top sports cars. The fabric roof opens and closes in around eleven seconds, and can do this at speeds of up to 31 mph. The three soft top colors (black, red and beige) can be chosen to suit the eleven exterior and ten interior colors. The three-layered fabric soft top is supported by a lightweight magnesium/steel/aluminum structure which helps to keep the center of gravity low. Additional rollover protection is provided by an integrated aluminum cross-member with rollover bars.

    New output level: the handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo engine

    With the AMG GT C Roadster, Mercedes-AMG is introducing a further output level of the handcrafted 4.0L V8 biturbo engine, thereby underlining the exclusive character of the new model. At 550 hp, the peak output is 47 hp above that of the AMG GT S and 27 hp below the Mercedes-AMG GT R. The maximum torque of 502 lb-ft is available from 1,900 to 5,750 rpm. A sprint from zero to 60 mph is achieved in 3.7 seconds, accelerating on to a top speed of 196 mph.

    The AMG GT Roadster has an output of 469 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. This variant accelerates to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and to a top speed of 188 mph.

    The eight-cylinder engine thrills with its immediate response, a linear, finely controllable power delivery and powerful acceleration in all rpm ranges. The handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo engine comes with well-proven twin turbocharging, with the two turbochargers not located outside on the cylinder banks, but rather between them in the V of the cylinders. The advantages of the "hot inner V" configuration include a compact engine design, spontaneous response from the turbochargers and low exhaust emissions thanks to optimum air flow for the close-coupled catalytic converters.

    Also adapted: the dual-clutch transmission

    The developers have also adapted the seven-speed dual clutch transmission in a transaxle arrangement at the rear axle to the new power level of the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster by modifying the hardware and software. The first gear of the AMG SPEEDSHIFT® DCT 7-speed sport transmission has a higher ratio, while seventh gear and the final drive have a lower ratio. This makes for even more agile acceleration and very fast responses to sudden accelerator movements.

    The driver is able to set the AMG GT Roadster to his/her individual requirements using the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT controller. The three transmission modes "C" (Comfort), "S" (Sport), "S+" (Sport Plus) and the individually programmable setup "I" (Individual) allow a broad range of driving experiences from comfortable to very sporty.

    The transmission mode "RACE" is additionally available for the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster. This mode optimally adjusts the shift strategy of the dual clutch transmission to the needs of the racetrack – very fast shift speeds and highly emotional engine sound are included. By pressing the separate "M" button in the center console, the driver can activate the manual transmission mode.

    Pure sound: the AMG Performance Exhaust System

    The AMG GT C Roadster is equipped with the AMG Performance Exhaust System as standard to obtain an even more emotional sound experience. Two variably adjustable flaps modulate the exhaust note of the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster authentically and directly. The flaps open and close depending on the selected AMG DRIVE SELECT mode, although they can also be controlled individually using a separate button in the AMG DRIVE UNIT. In the "Comfort" and "Sport" settings, the low-frequency sound typical of a V8 is designed for comfort. In "Sport+" and "RACE" modes the sound composition is far more emotional. The variable AMG Performance Exhaust System is also available as an option for the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster.

    Also for the Roadster models: active air management system from the AMG GT R

    The two AMG Roadster variants have adopted a special technical highlight from the AMG GT R: the active air management system. Vertical louvers located in the lower area directly behind the front fascia can be opened and closed by an electric motor in around one second. This ensures that the cooling performance is according to need. Always achieving the optimum position requires highly intelligent and fast control.

    During normal driving with no increased cooling requirement, the louvers are closed to reduce aerodynamic drag and specifically conduct the air to the underbody. Only when certain components reach predefined temperatures and the air requirement is particularly high do the louvers open to allow the maximum cooling airflow to the heat exchangers.

    Highly expressive: athletic exterior design

    From the expressive AMG Panamericana grille to the long, muscular hood and the wide rear end, the two-seater guarantees a pure sports car experience even when stationary. The striking AMG Panamericana grille underlines the motor racing heritage: 15 chrome-plated, vertical bars echo the look of the current Mercedes-AMG GT3 customer sports racing car. The new front bumper emphasizes the car's width and gives it an athletic appearance on the road. Large outer air inlets ensure the supply of cooling air to the engine and the pronounced shoulder line is suggestive of a tensed muscle, enhancing the impression of sheer power and athleticism in combination with the new 19-inch and 20-inch AMG light-alloy wheels in a 5-twin-spoke design.

    Muscular with an emphasis on width: the rear end

    The rear end also features numerous, conspicuous innovations. The new aluminum fenders of the AMG GT C Roadster widen the open-top two-seater by 2.25-inches compared to the AMG GT Roadster, making it the same width as the AMG GT R. Compared to the AMG GT Roadster the muscular form also creates space for larger wheels and a wider track. Both measures make for traction while allowing higher cornering speeds. The likewise wider contours at the AMG GT C Roadster's rear bumper improve airflow at the rear with large outer air vents. Both Roadster variants feature a rear spoiler integrated into the trunk lid which can be electrically extended and retracted at defined speeds, depending on the selected transmission mode.

    Greater rigidity and low weight: Intelligent material mix

    Mercedes-AMG also uses an intelligent material mix for the body structure of the AMG GT and GT C Roadster. Various aluminum alloys are used for the chassis and body and magnesium is used for the front deck. This extremely light element at the front reduces the inertia ahead of the front axle, thus improving agility.

    The already rigid bodyshell structure has been specifically reinforced further to take account of the car's design as a roadster: side skirts with greater wall thicknesses and more chambers make the structure more rigid. The dashboard support is braced against the windscreen surround by additional struts and a strut tower brace between the soft top and the tank reinforces the rear axle. A cross-member behind the seats supports the fixed roll-over protection system.

    The trunk lid is particularly light, thanks to an innovative composite material. The load-bearing structure is of SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) with carbon fiber. These high-tech plastics excel with their light weight, great strength and first-class surface condition. These innovative materials were developed by the Mercedes-Benz TEC factory in Sindelfingen and brought to production maturity together with the AMG specialists in Affalterbach. This material combination is used for the first time in the new AMG Roadsters.

    The AMG lightweight construction experts have also used a composite material for the wheel-catching struts. 50 percent lighter than the equivalent in steel, these composite components help to guide the front wheels onto the side members as part of the intended crash kinematics in an accident, and to hold them there.

    Derived from motorsport: the AMG Sport Suspension

    The AMG Sport Suspension likewise confirms the motor racing heritage of the new AMG Roadsters. Wishbones, steering knuckles and hub carriers on the front and rear axle are manufactured entirely out of forged aluminum to reduce the unsprung mass. The wheels are also guided by double wishbones. The resulting precision in camber and track allows high cornering speeds and gives the driver optimum, highly precise road feedback right up to the very high cornering limits.

    In the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster, the sport suspension is combined with AMG RIDE CONTROL continuously variable, adaptive damping system. The system is electronically controlled and automatically adapts the damping on each wheel to the current handling situation, speed and road conditions.

    Even more agility: active rear axle steering from the AMG GT R

    As standard, the new Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster responds even more sensitively thanks to the active rear axle steering that had its debut in the Mercedes-AMG GT R. The system offers an ideal combination of agility and stability - handling characteristics that are normally in direct conflict.

    Up to a speed of 62 mph, the rear wheels are turned in the opposite direction to the front wheels, resulting in significantly higher agility and increased driving pleasure with less steering input. In day-to-day driving the driver also benefits from a reduced turning circle.

    Once the speed of the AMG GT C Roadster exceeds 62 mph, the system turns the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels, this noticeably improves handling stability. At the same time, the lateral force on the rear wheels builds up considerably faster when changing direction, which makes the response to steering inputs quicker. The driver also notices the high grip and stability of the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster during rapid changes of direction, without the usual tendency for the rear to break out.

    On board as standard: the rear-axle locking differential

    As standard the AMG GT C Roadster is equipped with an electronically controlled locking differential at the rear axle (The Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster comes with a mechanical locking differential), which is integrated into the compact transmission housing. Its sensitive and rapid control elevates the physical handling limits to a new level. It not only further improves the grip of the driven wheels, but also increases cornering speeds at the limit.

    High quality and exclusivity: the interior

    The interior design echoes the design lines of the exterior. The dashboard places an extreme emphasis on width, creating an impression of a powerful wing. High beltlines, concave door panels, dynamically rising center console and low seat position perfectly integrate the driver into the cockpit. The new, light-colored interior in Macchiato Beige Exclusive Nappa leather is available for the first time, lending the open-top sports car even more individuality and exclusivity.

    More lateral support and comfort: AMG Performance seats

    The optionally available AMG Performance seats provide even more lateral support with more heavily contoured backrest and seat cushion side bolsters. For the first time the AMG performance seat is also optionally available with the AIRSCARF® neck-level heating system, which makes open-air driving enjoyable even when the outside temperature is low. The air vent is seamlessly integrated into the seat's head restraint area. To meet the individual preferences of customers, the temperature of the warm airflow can be set in three stages.

    Customers wishing to enjoy comfortable temperatures even on very hot summer days will also opt for seat climate control, which is also available exclusively for the AMG Performance seat for the first time. The intensity of the cooling can also be set in three stages.

    Impressive sound in the interior: Externed Coupled Subwoofer

    The Burmester® Sound System and Burmester® High-End Sound System ensure a very special musical experience in the AMG GT Roadster. Both systems benefit from an innovation developed jointly by AMG and Burmester®: the Externed Coupled Subwoofer (ECS). This new bass sound reproduction system with an extremely low bass range turns the open two-seater into a mobile concert stage.

    Instead of a subwoofer box of limited dimensions, ECS uses the entire interior as a bass box. This is made possible by a special aperture in the right rear wheel arch. The subwoofer is connected to the bodyshell via this aperture, transmitting the impressive sound.

    The Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster and Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster will arrive in US dealers by fall of 2017.


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    User Feedback

    It all seems pretty awesome, car looks great, good power, etc.  They clearly are after the 911 coupe and convertible.  But my question is what about the SL?  The next-gen SL is supposed to be designed and engineered by AMG, but I feel like the SL is getting lost in the shuffle a bit with the AMG GT and the S-class convertible.  The SL I think needs some retro feel, the 50s and 60s SLs are iconic, the current car is not.


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    Blah but like others have stated, if given free to me, who am I to kick it out of my bed! At least I would drive it till I could trade it in on a Chevy BOLT! :D


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      The E63 S wagon mimics the sedan in terms of exterior styling with a clam-shell hood, wider fenders, rear diffuser, and quad exhausts. Of course, when hauling ass, the E63 S wagon offers space to haul cargo as well. Open the rear tailgate and you'll be greeted with 35 cubic feet of space. You can expand this by folding the rear seats.
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      The New Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon
      Sportiness meets space and intelligence February 01, 2017 - Affalterbach
      In the new E63 S Wagon, Mercedes-AMG combines the brand's hallmark Driving Performance with high utility value and the intelligence of the E-Class. As in the E63 S Sedan, the hand-crafted AMG 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine with an output of up to 603 hp and the fully variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive deliver outstanding driving dynamics. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds sets a new record in this class. At the same time the engine is now even more efficient thanks to a cylinder deactivation system fitted as standard.
      Like the E63 S Sedan, the E63 S Wagon offers innovative drive technology and outstanding performance coupled with a unique design, exclusive appointments and the latest infotainment features for a wide range of connected multimedia applications.
      The new Wagon boasts even more agile response than its predecessor: the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT (Multi Clutch Technology) 9-speed sport transmission is combined with a wet clutch. Another highlight is the new AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel- drive system, which combines the advantages of various drive configurations. Torque distribution on the front and rear axles, which is fully variable for the first time, ensures optimum traction in all road conditions.
      "The new AMG E63 Wagon combines our brand's hallmark driving dynamics with high everyday practicality. It is not for nothing that the model has been a permanent fixture in the AMG portfolio for 40 years. The powerful engine and the intelligent all- wheel drive underpin our claim to always be at the forefront of development when it comes to performance," states Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.
      Technical data at a glance          
      E63 S Wagon
      Hand-crafted AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo
      3,982 cc
      603 hp at 5,750–6,500 rpm
      Max. torque
      627 lb-ft at 2,500–4,500 rpm
      Drive system
      AMG Performance 4MATIC+ permanent all-wheel drive with variable torque distribution and drift mode
      AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed sports transmission
      Acceleration 0-100 mph
      3.4 s
      Top speed
      180 mph (electronically limited)
      Exterior design
      Every detail of the exterior is designed to enable AMG Driving Performance to be experienced at first hand from every perspective. The distinctive, sporty design of the front end forward of the A-pillar demonstrates the lengths AMG goes to when it comes to development: For the first time on an AMG wagon, the hood is inset between the fenders and bumper like on a coupe, thus exhibiting an entirely new, more dynamic approach to the sculpting. More powerful-looking and 1.1-inches wider, the wheel arches accommodate the greater track width and the larger wheels on the front axle.
      A wide front bumper inspired by the design of a jet wing, with flics in black and a large front splitter, impressively epitomises the power of the new E63 S Wagon. It also showcases sophisticated cooling technology – a typical feature from motorsport and another visual reference to the powerful engine.
      The side sill panels make the wagon appear to sit lower on the road and elongate the overall line, culminating in a muscular rear end with an bumper insert sporting a diffuser look and the two high-gloss chrome-plated twin tailpipe trims of the exhaust system. The hallmark AMG V8 sound has been tuned specifically for the Wagon model.
      Designers and aerodynamics experts worked closely together to develop the E63 S Wagon. Their insights not only resulted in the striking AMG bodystyling but also the performance-oriented lift balance – for agile handling characteristics on country roads and optimum driving stability at high speed on the motorway.
      The new E63 S Wagon likewise sets standards in its segment when it comes to everyday practicality: boasting a generous 35 cu.ft. (SAE) of trunk capacity with the second row of seats upright, its trunk is the largest in the performance wagon segment. The rear seat back comes as standard with a new cargo-related functionality: it can be positioned at a 10-degree steeper angle creating even more usable trunk space. In addition, the rear seat back can be folded down in a 40:20:40 split.
      New peak of performance: Handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo engine with twin-scroll turbochargers
      The versatile Hand-crafted AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo engine in the E63 S Wagon takes peak output to a new level at 603 hp. The maximum torque of 627 lb-ft is likewise a new high. It is available over a broad engine speed range of 2,500 to 4,500 rpm and so provides a feeling of effortless superiority in every accelerator pedal position. The E63 S Wagon completes the sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds.
      The standard-fit AMG Cylinder Management and a number of other measures make the new performance wagon exceptionally efficient. Twin-scroll turbochargers are installed for the first time to further enhance the performance and response of the AMG 4.0-liter V8 engine. They reduce the exhaust gas backpressure and optimize the gas cycle, resulting in higher output, exceptionally spontaneous response and higher torque at low revs.
      AMG Performance 4MATIC+ variable all-wheel drive
      The E63 S wagon comes with the innovative AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel- drive system fitted as standard. This newly engineered, intelligent system brings together the advantages of various drive configurations— torque distribution on the front and rear axles, which is fully variable for the first time, ensures optimum traction on any surface. The driver can rely on a high level of handling safety.
      An electromechanically controlled coupling connects the permanently driven rear axle variably to the front axle. The best possible torque distribution is calculated continuously. The performance wagon can thus be driven in a continuously variable way from traction-oriented all-wheel drive to purely rear-wheel drive. In addition to traction and lateral dynamics, the all-wheel-drive system also improves the longitudinal dynamics for even more powerful acceleration.
      Short shift times, high efficiency: the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed transmission
      The AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed transmission is specially tuned to the requirements of the E63 S Wagon, and features re-engineered hardware and software. The software enables extremely short shift times and fast multiple downshifts, while the double-clutching function makes for an emotional gearshifting experience. A wet clutch replaces the torque converter, saving weight and optimizing response, especially when accelerating.
      For a personalised experience: AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive programs
      The E63 S Wagon comes equipped with five different AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive programs: "Comfort," "Sport," "Sport +," "RACE" and "Individual." These modes allow drivers to extensively influence the characteristics of the E63 S Wagon. Key parameters are modified - such as the response of the engine, transmission, suspension, steering, ESP®  and all-wheel-drive system. Independent of the drive programs, the driver has the option of pressing the "M" button to switch directly to manual shifting mode, in which gearshifts are performed exclusively using the shift paddles on the steering wheel. Individual suspension settings can be selected as required. The "RACE" drive program has been designed for highly dynamic driving on closed race circuits and all parameters are set for maximum performance.
      Specially developed suspension for maximum lateral and longitudinal dynamics
      The agility and high cornering speeds of the new E63 S Wagon are attributable to the all-new AMG suspension with full-support multi-chamber air suspension. This suspension ensures exceptionally high levels of camber stability, driving dynamics and steering precision.
      A four-link front axle design uses forged aluminium components with wishbones, strut rod and spring link. Independent wheel control and wheel suspension parts enable higher lateral acceleration, but minimal torque steer on the steering system. The likewise model-specific, completely redesigned rear axle was specially adapted to the higher vehicle dynamics. The suspension thus ensures hallmark E-Class comfort with high levels of precision and driving dynamics.
      Personalised driving experience thanks to three-chamber air suspension system
      Thanks to a sporty spring and damper set-up and continuously variable damping, the new three-chamber air suspension system combines exemplary driving dynamics with excellent road roar and tire vibration characteristics. The stiffness of the air springs can be adjusted over a wide range by activating or deactivating individual air chambers, which enhances comfort and handling.
      There are three degrees of spring tuning, depending on the selected drive program and current driving status. The spring rate is hardened automatically in the event of sudden load changes, fast cornering, heavy acceleration or heavy braking, which effectively reduces roll and pitching while stabilising the performance wagon.
      The adaptive damping can be set in three stages – "Comfort," "Sport" and Sport +" – to choose between relaxed comfort on long journeys and maximum sportiness. The rebound and compression levels are adjusted independently of each other, and the freely programmable characteristics map permits a wide spread between the minimum and maximum damper force. The difference between the comfortable and sporty suspension settings are refined and are clearly perceptible.
      Rear differential lock: optimum traction
      For improved traction and vehicle dynamics, the E63 S Wagon comes with an electronically controlled rear limited slip differential. The electronically-controlled limited slip differential reduces slip on the inside wheel when cornering without braking system intervention, resulting in the ability to accelerate out of bends earlier and more powerfully. Additionally, this limited-slip unit allows the E63 S Wagon to remain more stable when braking from high speeds and improves traction when moving off.
      The greatest benefit of the electronic rear-axle limited-slip differential is the sensitive and proactive control it allows, which pushes the thresholds higher and makes it easier to drive at the vehicle's limits. The three-stage ESP® with "ESP ON." "ESP SPORT Handling Mode" and "ESP OFF" settings works in precise unison with the rear-axle limited-slip differential and the all-wheel drive system, and is optimally tuned for outstanding dynamics.
      E63 S 4MATIC+ with dynamic engine mounts as standard
      Uniquely in this segment, the E63 S Wagon is fitted with dynamic engine mounts, which solve the conflicting goals of achieving as soft a connection as possible to the powertrain for high comfort and as rigid a connection as possible for optimum driving dynamics. The dynamic engine mounts are quickly and variably able to adapt their stiffness to the driving conditions and handling requirements. These measures enhance the vehicle's precision when driven dynamically, while the soft setting increases comfort.
      Direct and with clear feedback: the AMG speed-sensitive steering
      The E63 S Wagon features electromechanical, speed-sensitive sports steering with a variable ratio, which impresses thanks to the rack ratio with precise and authentic feedback. Steering power assistance is variably adjusted in the stages "Comfort," "Sport" or "Sport Plus." Relevant steering feel characteristics are automatically activated depending on the selected AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive program or can be personalised in "Individual" mode.
      Good sensitivity and fade-resistant: the AMG high-performance braking system
      The large-sized high-performance compound braking system is reliable, quick and fade-resistant, even under high loads. The E63 S Wagon is fitted with internally ventilated and perforated 15.4" x 1.4" compound brake discs on the front axle with six-piston fixed callipers. In the rear, 14.2" x .9" discs and single-piston floating brake callipers are equipped.
      Optionally available is an AMG Ceramic Composite braking system, with 15.8" x 1.5" brake discs in on the front axle and and 14.2" x 1.3" discs on the rear axle.
      Sporty characteristics: the interior design
      The interior of the E63 S Wagon reinforces the consistently dynamic bias with numerous, specially designed details. The AMG Performance Steering Wheel in black nappa leather is ideal for a sporty driving style. The driver and front passenger enjoy a secure position in the front sport seats, whatever the driving style, thanks to improved lateral support. AMG Performance Seats with integral head restraints can be ordered as an option. Additional interior touches include nappa leather trim for the dashboard and beltlines, seat belts available in crystal grey and a steering wheel with a grey '12-o'clock' marking.
      All important speed, safety and performance information appears within the driver's field of vision on the standard-fitment dual-12.3"screen digital instrument cluster. Gauges in a carbon-fiber look and distinctive typography lend the displays an especially sporty touch. The widescreen display also allows the driver can choose from three display designs unique to AMG: "Classic," "Sport" and "Progressive."
      Intelligent Drive
      The E63 S Wagon features all the connectivity and Intelligent Drive functions of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon, such as DRIVE PILOT, which assists the driver with semi-automated driving in traffic jams or on routine trips.
      The world premiere of the E63 S wagon will take place at the Geneva Motor Show in March, 2017.
      The E63 S Wagon is scheduled to be on-sale in the US by fall of this year.

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