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    Rumorpile: Reddit Poster Shines A Light on Ranger and Bronco

      What is in store for the upcoming Ford Ranger and Bronco

    Possibly one of the biggest stories to come out from the Detroit Auto Show was Ford's announcement that the Bronco and Ranger are coming back. There weren't many details aside from release timeframes (2019 for Ranger, 2020 for Bronco), along with the Bronco being based on the bones of the Ranger. Now, an anonymous Ford employee has spilled some more details on the two models.

    A poster who claims to be a designer at Ford's Development Center in Dearborn (and has been verified by the moderators of the Ford Ranger Reddit) says the Ranger that will be arriving in 2019 will be the same model sold around the world. There will be alterations to the exterior and interior. Couple of interesting bits is that U.S. will only get crew cab variant and there is the possibility of a diesel engine for the truck. The poster said the company is keeping a close on the sales of GM's midsize diesel trucks and the fallout of the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal.

    As for the Bronco, the poster says it will be nearly identical to the Ford Everest. Yep, those who were hoping for a small, two-door SUV might have to make due with a midsize, four-door SUV. Like the Ranger, expect some changes to the exterior and powertrains.

    Road and Track which first brought this to light says this information seems to line with comments made by Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of The Americas. We're not quite so sure ourselves, but we'll have to wait and see if this information is the real deal or not.

    Source: Reddit, Road and Track
    Pic Credit: Newspress

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    Only offering a crew cab is not a good idea at all. I don't see Ford doing that at all. Regarding the Bronco, while not surprising that they would use the Everest, I hope they find a way to downsize it a hair with a focus on off road fun. We shall see I guess. 

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    I hope they lose the jellybean style of the Everest and bring a modern take on the boxy Bronco. 4 door mid size pickup is understandable as is the watching GM with the Diesel to see if the market is justifiable.

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    Hmm as I have been warning sounds as if it will come to pass. I have heard a few things and it was not good for those hoping for a Wrangler killer. 

    They keep showing the show SUV in the media and I have said it may not look like that as Ford has never said it would. Also I had heard it was just another SUV in a new size with RWD and AWD. 

    The Ranger would survive on the Crew but they really need to keep pace with the GM lines as GM is going to continue to add variations and trim packages. They also need to have two different size beds as the 5 foot bed just does not cut it for everyone. 

    The Diesel would be a major investment and I am not sure even GM will sell as many as they hope yet. I get the feeling it may be a wait and see for them. I am sure they have a plan if the GM take rate is high. But as of now I am not sure how well it will do as we have so little to compare it too. 

    I have started to shop the GM trucks and I can see how much they have evolved since intro and there is still more to come. I am still waiting for a Sun Roof. 

    I am sure what ever Ford comes out with will sell but I am not sure another look like SUV will make many happy that have been waiting on this. They had better make it clear now if it is not like the Show vehicle as if they make people wait 2 years to find out it will only make it worse. 

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    Basically the Bronco sounds like it's going to be a return to the original Explorer formula.   Yawn...

    And the Ranger fans pining for a small, cheap basic truck are going to be in for a rude awakening..

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    Pretty much exactly as I heard it.....some of it simply comes down to money....

    More versions will come if the Ranger is successful here.

    Knew the Everest was coming, kinda was not hoping it was going to be the Bronco.

    Small upside is it will get jacked up a bit for here....

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    I don't mind it sharing everything with the Everest as long as it doesn't LOOK like the Everest. If they're saying there is demand for such a product NOBODY was demanding a soft-ass CUV looking body on frame off-roader.

    If it looks like the current Everest I will be EXTREMELY disappointed.

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