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  • Drew Dowdell
    Drew Dowdell

    Hyundai Develops Road Noise Active Noise Control

      ...the sound of silence...

    Hyundai has announced that is has developed the world's first road noise countering active noise control system.  While active noise control is available in many makes and models, it is limited to when the noise is constant and predictable. 

    Hyundai's new system is able to analyze noise at a much faster pace. The digital sound processor can respond to a noise in 0.002 seconds. Cabin microphones constantly monitor road noise and then the speaker system emits sound waves that cancel out drone or engine roughness.  Hyundai says they are able to decrease cabin noise by up to 3dB. That means that noise is cut nearly in half as compared to running without RANC. In EVs that can make the ride almost completely silent.  

    The first application of this will be applied to an upcoming Genesis model, likely the Genesis SUV.


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    8 hours ago, balthazar said:

    Ridiculously complicated nonsense.


    No it is not from engineering stand point and it works great in noise cancelling headphones.  It will be same principal here.

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    12 hours ago, riviera74 said:

    Yes it is cool.  I though Buick got there first.  I guess Buick does something different with their Quiet Tuning.

    Buick does have active noise cancellation in some of their vehicles, as does Cadillac, and some GMCs. The difference with this system, from what I understand, is that it is much faster and thus is better at canceling out the noise before it reaches your ears. 

    9 hours ago, balthazar said:

    Ridiculously complicated nonsense.

    Not really... it is just some microphones and a sound processor. My Encore has it, just not as advanced as this system sounds.  The difference in interior noise, especially from the engine, between an Encore and a Trax is huge. 

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    How quiet does society in 2020 and beyond want their transportation pods to be? 

    I mean, even horseback riding,  back when horses were our primary long distance traveling, there was road noise.  And quite honestly, a horse and buggy as your transportation would be the original autonomous vehicle. and to boot, horse and buggy were MORE noisy than cars from 20-30 years ago. I mean, cars even from the 1990s were quiet enough.   So, the excuse of wanting your autonomous transport pod to be quiet so you could read your newspaper,  THERE IS NO MORE NEWSPAPERS...  I mean, we want it to be super quiet to fiddle around with our dumb smartphones, we already tune out from the rest of the world when we are on them. Our brains just shut down NATURALLY from our usage of them anyway...

    We all want to be in our own little world? Separated from our surroundings THAT much? 

    I just do NOT get all this USELESS technology and where we are going as a species....

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    2 minutes ago, dfelt said:

    @Drew Dowdell is Buick still using their quiet steel technology in their auto's or have they dropped that to just go with the noise canceling system?

    They use both.  The GMCs with the 6.3 liter use it also.

    35 minutes ago, balthazar said:

    digital sound processor, cabin microphones, sensors, software, wiring, all to go from 66 db to 63 db. Maybe.
    Any everyone is puzzled why cars are $35K on average.

    The microphones are already there for OnStar. The speakers are already there.  In the case of my Encore, Bose is already there. The DSP is build into the stereo.  It's not that much extra to hook it all up. 

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