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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    Rumorpile: Hyundai Considers A Premium SUV Based On Genesis Platform

    Hyundai Ponders A Premium SUV With A Bit of Trepidation

    Hyundai is considering whether or not to do a line of premium SUVs using the underpinnings of the Genesis. Reuters has learned from sources the company is considering a proposal made internally to build SUVs using the Genesis platform as way to elevate Hyundai's overall brand image and crack the high-margin SUV market.


    But there is an air of caution at the company. Hyundai hasn't done so well when it comes to larger SUVs. Their previous attempt, the Veracruz, was introduced back in 2007. However, the company pulled the model out in 2013 due to poor sales. Meanwhile the company was still selling the Veracruz in South Korea, but will end production at the end of the next month according to the plant's union newspaper.


    Aside from the poor sales, a source says spiking gas prices and the poor equity of the Hyundai name in large SUVs give the company concern.


    "We are timid when it comes to bigger SUVs," said the source.


    When reached for comment, Hyundai confirmed the end of production of the Veracruz, but said "this does not mean we are giving up on a large SUV line-up."


    "We are considering developing premium, large SUVs based on customers' needs. We plan to respond to the fast-changing market centered around SUVs by beefing up our SUV line-up."


    Source: Reuters

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    User Feedback

    Why not?

    Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, BMW, Lamborghini  and others...joined this  niche that was once reserved  SUVs based on military hardware trucks (Land Rovers and G-Wagons) and really blue collar 4x4s ('Gators and 'Slades and Bravadas)...

    are all in



    willing to play in this sandbox hoping to cash in...



    I dont see a reason why Hyundai cant join that club.



    While the Genesis is not exactly a top tier 1 luxury car...it is still a decent premium level automobile while at the same time, average joe Hyundai/KIA SUVs and CUVs are decent rides themselves...I think a luxury SUV from Hyundai based on the Genesis platform would compliment the Genesis quite nicely.

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    Well, maybe it's better to finally create a Genesis brand. But Hyundai can't afford to market and distribute an entirely different brand; so doing it on the cheap will lead to problems like this. 


    Go for it Hyundai. Beats whatever Acura/Lincoln/Buick/Infiniti have to offer in spades.

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    To be honest Olds - I expect most of those to be failed ideas. I think Mercedes can do it, and those other companys can dream.

    I have to agree, the design of the SUVs that will come from the companies that I mentioned...including M-B...are designing their SUVs very generic like.

    The German SUVs succeed because of the badge they carry...because of the help of the cars they built in their history. With the exception of M-B...because M-B has some serious cred with trucks...

    Rolls Royce and Bentley and Lambo...have the car prestige behind them as well, but have ZERO cred with trucks...

    BMW succeeded...marketing...and cred with everything they built other than cars...such as airplane engines and motorcycles have been top notch,..and their cars are prom queens...

    Porsche built tanks during WW2...


    Lamborghini...well...they failed the first time around...and the cliche saying that I always hear is 3 times a charm...


    It doesnt hurt Hyundai to try.

    Its only money...after all.

    Edited by oldshurst442

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    A full size SUV based on the Genesise RWD structure could be really good.  They have a 330 hp V6 which would be okay for a base model, the 5.0 V8 would be perfect for it, and a turbo V6 is supposed to be in the works.  If they could make this SUV in the $47-57k range they could have a winner.  People spend that much on a Tahoe.

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    They're definitely capable of building a winner, just keep the value and substance proposition there like the Genesis and it should be a success

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