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    Jaguar Offers Free Maintenance, Cut Prices, and Adds More Equipment

    • Jaguar Makes Some Changes to Bring More Buyers In

    If you were to ask a luxury car buyer why they haven't bought a Jaguar, they'll cite two reasons; high prices and maintenance costs. Jaguar is hoping to change that with some changes for the 2016 model year.


    The British automaker announced that it would be cutting the pricetag on certain models from $1,500 to $3,000. Models that don't see a price cut will be getting an increase in standard equipment.


    An example of a price cut will the be new 2016 XF. The redesigned mid-size luxury sedan sees a 9 percent price cut (about $5,275), making the base price of the XF $52,895, including shipping. This helps the XF undercut many competitors in the class such as the BMW 5-Series and Audi A6 equipped with six-cylinder engines.


    With the new price strategy, “we are positioned at the heart depending on how you do the price comparison,” said Joe Eberhardt, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America. “Directionally, we are below all the Germans and we are par or slightly above the Asia or domestic competitors.”


    As for models that will not see price cut, Jaguar has increased the amount of standard equipment by about 10 to 20 percent. The F-Type coupe and roadster will remain the same, but the amount of standard equipment has increased by about $4,000 to $12,000.


    Along with price cuts and increase in standard features, Jaguar is also introducing the EliteCare program. Basically if your purchase a 2016 Jaguar, your car will come with a limited warranty, free scheduled service, and 24/7 roadside assistance for five years or the first 60,000 miles. Owners will also get Jaguar's InControl and Protect services for that time as well.


    “The Jaguar brand is on the eve of a major transformation that will see it dramatically increase its presence in the United States luxury marketplace with an expanded lineup, pricing focused on the core of the luxury market and an all-new ownership package with best-in-class coverage,” Eberhardt said.


    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required), Jaguar


    Press Release is on Page 2


    Jaguar Announces Plan to Target The Heart of Luxury Market With New Products, New Pricing Strategy and Introduction of Jaguar EliteCare Ownership Package

    • Jaguar updates and expands entire 2016MY & 2017MY product line-up featuring all-new or significantly updated vehicles and features
    • Jaguar triples U.S. market reach with addition of two new entry-level 17MY luxury vehicles: the XE compact luxury sedan and the F-PACE performance SUV
    • All new aluminum-intensive Jaguar XF model joins significantly updated Jaguar XJ and F-TYPE lines for 2016 model year
    • New Jaguar pricing strategy focuses brand at the heart of the luxury market, including 17MY Jaguar XE 25t available starting at $34,900

    Starting with the 16MY line-up, every Jaguar will come standard with Jaguar EliteCare coverage, an ownership package offering the best-in-class limited warranty and longest complimentary scheduled maintenance package of any luxury brand in the market, with five-years or 60,000 mile coverage, whichever comes first2
    New marketing campaigns for XF, XJ and Jaguar EliteCare tell story of the brand transformation"The Art of Performance Tour" invites consumers in seven cities to test drive the all-new Jaguar XE and see the new Jaguar F-PACE up to six months before their respective on-sale dates
    Jaguar F-PACE will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor show September 2015; makes its first U.S. auto show appearance at the LA Auto Show November 2015(MAHWAH, NJ) - September 3, 2015 - Jaguar North America announced today a significant new approach in the U.S. market with new pricing and customer care strategies aimed at transforming the brand's presence as its line-up shifts from three to five models and potential customer reach triples.
    "The Jaguar brand is on the eve of a major transformation that will see it dramatically increase its presence in the United States luxury marketplace with an expanded line-up, pricing focused on the core of the luxury market and an all-new ownership package with best-in-class coverage," said Joe Eberhardt, President and CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America. "Today is the beginning of the next generation of Jaguar, as the brand grows from a limited three-model line-up to a more competitive five-product portfolio driven by performance and design. The next six months will see an influx of new products as a result of a deep investment in vehicle development, quality and manufacturing that has fully modernized the brand."At the heart of today's modern Jaguar brand is the transformation of its line-up into a family of five all-new or substantially refreshed 2016 and 2017 model year luxury vehicles, combining beautiful designs with new driving dynamics, technology and features. The new family of Jaguar vehicles - the second generation XF, the flagship XJ, the F-TYPE sports car, the XE compact luxury sedan and the F-PACE compact luxury SUV -- focuses on the core of the luxury market reaching a far wider range of potential customers than ever before.
    Starting with the new 2016 model year vehicles, the Jaguar brand will have an improved competitive value position via steps such as increased standard equipment or new lower MSRP choices by model. The new pricing strategy is exemplified by the all-new 2016 Jaguar XF 35t model which gives customers a V6 powered option starting at a MSRP of $51,900, which is $5,275 or 9 percent lower than the previous generation XF model's lowest priced V6 model at $57,175. Both the 2016 Jaguar XJ and 2016 F-TYPE improving value, up to $7,000 and $11,850 respectively, with increased standard equipment alongside updated features and design elements.Beginning in the spring of 2016, the Jaguar brand value story further transforms with two new entry luxury vehicles, the 2017 Jaguar XE compact luxury sedan and the 2017 Jaguar F-PACE compact luxury SUV. The 17MY Jaguar XE 25t will be available with an MSRP starting at $34,900, placing it at the heart of the compact luxury sedan market giving it a very strong position versus key competitors. The Jaguar F-PACE will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show on Sept. 14, at which time its highly competitive pricing will be announced. By adding the XE and the F-PACE in the compact luxury sedan and compact SUV segments, Jaguar will be relevant to a far wider range of potential millennial luxury customers3.
    Building on the growth opportunity of new products and more competitive pricing, starting in model year 2016, all Jaguar models will come standard with Jaguar EliteCare, an ownership package with class-leading five-years or 60,000-mile warranty, complimentary scheduled maintenance coverage, roadside assistance and Jaguar InControl® Protect & RemoteTM2.To support the transformational product, pricing and customer care plan, Jaguar will launch three new marketing campaigns and a consumer test drive experience, all geared to bring the new products and Jaguar EliteCare coverage to market in a meaningful and engaging way.
    "Starting this year we will be reaching a far larger target audience that includes a significant number of affluent millennial customers," said Kim McCullough, Vice President of Marketing, Jaguar Land Rover, North America. "Our brand research indicates this audience is already receptive to the brand, and the Jaguar EliteCare coverage will give them even greater confidence that a Jaguar is a smart buy."PRICING AND VALUE PROPOSITION
    The new family of 2016 and 2017 model year Jaguar vehicles will go on sale with an aggressive new pricing structure and value strategy designed to attack the core of every segment. With the new line-up, the brand is underlining its ambitions to be a more attainable luxury brand while maintaining an elevated position among premium makes and continuing to lead in design and performance.Across the line-up, all Jaguar models will be highly competitive with entry-priced derivatives, lower MSRPs, and increased levels of standard equipment all with the goal of hitting the core of each segment and offering competitive value advantages. Increased value builds on the products key strengths and comes alongside new available technologies such as Instinctive All Wheel Drive®4, lightweight aluminum-intensive architecture, Jaguar InControl® infotainment features5, electric power assisted steering, and soon, diesel technology.
    2017MY Jaguar XE 25t: starting at $34,900XE Value Proposition:
    Starting prices of $34,900 for the Jaguar XE 25t and $41,700 for the XE 35t gives it very competitive starting points and places it directly in the middle of the range of its respective key competitors' starting MSRPs.Jaguar XE 20d diesel - starting at $36,400
    2016MY Jaguar XF 35t: starting at $51,900XF Value Proposition:
    The second generation vehicle features an all-new entry priced 340-hp V6 model at just $51,900, which is $5,275 or 9% lower than the lowest priced 15MY V6 XF ($57,175).At $51,900 for a V6 powered model, the XF 35t is priced directly in the middle of the range of its key competitors' starting MSRPs.
    An all new derivative, the 380-hp XF S model, with added equipment, starts at $62,700Future models, including a diesel powered derivative, will be added next year that will bring the entry price point for an XF to under $50,000
    2016MY Jaguar XJ: starting at $74,400XJ Value Proposition:
    Versus previous model year, the 16MY XJ adds standard features valued at up to $7,000 with new standard features including ventilated front and rear seats, upgraded Meridian™ 825W sound system, full LED and Adaptive Headlights4 with auto high beams and the Jaguar InControl® Touch Pro™ system5.With even further added standard features, such as quilted soft grain leather, massage front seats, and traffic sign recognition4, the entry XJL 3.0 Portfolio starts at $83,200 while a comparably equipped BMW 740 Li would cost $85,800; an advantage of $2,600.
    2016MY Jaguar F-TYPE: starting at $65,000 for the Coupe Manual and $68,100 for the Convertible ManualF-TYPE Value Proposition:
    Versus previous year, the 16MY F-TYPE adds standard features valued at up to $3,550 for F-TYPE and $11,850 for F-TYPE R models, including the top-spec 770W Meridian™ surround audio system, keyless entry and a panoramic roof on coupe modelsF-TYPE Coupe vs. competitively equipped Porsche models
    V6: Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe $73,295 vs. Cayman S at $84,865V8: Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe: $106,695 vs. Porsche 911 Carrera S at $131,060
    Starting with the 16MY line-up, and going forward, every vehicle will come standard with Jaguar EliteCare, a Best- in-Class coverage package that includes Five Years/60,000 Miles of Limited Warranty, and Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance, as well as a suite of connectivity services and roadside assistance2."Jaguar EliteCare provides confidence and value, giving customers a rational 'permission slip' to indulge themselves with a car that resonates on a deeply emotional level," said Eberhardt. "All new Jaguar models will be defined by both their design and performance, and now, a highly attractive ownership value proposition. This new best-in-class coverage will bolster the transformation of Jaguar, while accelerating its growth among current and new customers."
    Jaguar EliteCare coverage offers2:5-Year/60,000 Mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty (best in class)
    5-Year/60,000 Mile Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance (longest in class)5-Year/60,000 Mile 24/7 Roadside Assistance
    5-Year/Unlimited Mile Jaguar InControl® Remote & Protect™MARKETING
    Jaguar will launch two new product campaigns this fall for the XF and XJ, with Jaguar EliteCare being a key supporting message across each. Jaguar EliteCare will also be featured in a below the line campaign that targets customers as they are in the shopping process.The XF campaign, Not Business as Usual, will feature a global television spot. The XJ campaign, Rare and Meant to Be, will be available online and highlights the vehicle's new enhanced interior. Jaguar EliteCare will be amplified further with an online video featuring the full Jaguar model line-up, including the F-TYPE, XJ, XF, XE and the F-PACE, and showcasing the performance and design that underscore all Jaguar models. The video debuts on JaguarUSA.com on Sept.14, timed to the reveal of the F-PACE.
    Print, digital, social and CRM will be supporting assets across the new campaigns. Print executions for the XF and XJ campaigns featuring Jaguar EliteCare messaging will begin appearing in October. Digital banners featuring the rest of the Jaguar line-up will follow in October and November."THE ART OF PERFORMANCE" JAGUAR XE TEST DRIVE TOUR
    To introduce the Jaguar XE compact luxury sedan to the growing millennial consumer demographic who desire performance and seduction in their luxury vehicles, Jaguar will launch "The Art of Performance Tour: Lights. Camera. Drive!" This seven-city cross-country tour, kicking off in Los Angeles in November, invites consumers to see the full 2016/2017 Jaguar line-up, including the Jaguar F-PACE, and be among the first to drive the Jaguar XE starting six months before it goes on sale. The drive experience will have a cinematic feel that celebrates Jaguar's long standing relationship with movies. The drive of the all-new Jaguar XE will provide consumers with the opportunity to star in their own filmed action sequence as they experience high performance driving on a closed course and on-road handling through a street drive. Their personal film will then be sharable through their social media pages. Consumers can sign up to receive more information about The Art of Performance by visiting JaguarUSA.com/RSVP.


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    User Feedback

    All good moves, but they are such a small brand, I don't know how much it will move the sales needle.  I do think the XE is really well priced.  $35k for the turbo 4, and the diesel is like $37k, and the 340 hp supercharged V6 is $43k.   That supercharged V6 car is going to be pretty fast, and $43k isn't a lot for that kind of speed.  Nice to see them drop the 4-banger in the XF, if Jaguar is a performance brand, it doesn't need a 4-banger in a $50k car.


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    All good moves, but they are such a small brand, I don't know how much it will move the sales needle.  I do think the XE is really well priced.  $35k for the turbo 4, and the diesel is like $37k, and the 340 hp supercharged V6 is $43k.   That supercharged V6 car is going to be pretty fast, and $43k isn't a lot for that kind of speed.  Nice to see them drop the 4-banger in the XF, if Jaguar is a performance brand, it doesn't need a 4-banger in a $50k car.


    I would suggest that it will move the sales needle far more than anything else than can do.

    They have a huge product gap for a segment that is growing in leaps and bounds, luxury and sport CUV.


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    The XE will get sales due to price point, the F-Pace will get some since it is a crossover.  As far as the XF, XJ and F-type go, I don't think the price cuts or free maintenance or warranty changes will do much for sales of those models. 


    I will say that their 5 year/60,000 mile roadside assistance package falls a bit below the unlimited years and unlimited miles Mercedes program.  But if buying a Jaguar, I would want a 5/60k warranty at least, I'd probably want the 10 year/100k mile Hyundai warranty, because you know that Jag is going to break down.


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      It is no secret that Jaguar Land Rover has been hard at work on developing electric vehicles. For the past few months, we have been reporting that the British automaker will be launching an electric crossover within the next couple of years. Last night at an event in Los Angeles, Jaguar unveiled the I-Pace concept. This is a preview of a production model that will be arriving in 2018.
      Depending on the angle, the I-Pace either looks like a crossover or hatchback. But one item is clear with the I-Pace concept's design, it borrows a fair amount from the C-X75 concept. From the heavily sculpted hood, raked windshield, and rectangular grille, it is clear that the C-X75 will live on in spirit in future Jaguar designs. Inside, the I-Pace features a set of sport seats, a number of screens, and a panoramic roof. Open the rear hatch and you'll have 18.7 cubic feet of space.
      The I-Pace rides on a dedicated electric vehicle platform. This clean sheet design allows Jaguar to package the electric powertrain while retaining a large amount of passenger space. An electric motor is mounted in each axle and is capable of producing 200 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. Total output stands at 400 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Jaguar says the I-Pace can reach 60 mph in 4 seconds. A 90 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack provides a range of 220 miles. 
      Interestingly, Jaguar is taking a page from Tesla's playbook. The British automaker is starting to take reservations on their site for the production model.
      Source: Jaguar
      Press Release is on Page 2
      – The I-PACE Concept previews the first-ever electric vehicle from Jaguar
      – The production version will be revealed late 2017 and available in 2018
      – The I-PACE Concept is an electric performance SUV with a bold, cab-forward design that combines a supercar silhouette with sports car driving characteristics and five-seat SUV versatility.
      – Liquid-cooled 90kWh lithium-ion battery pack delivers a targeted range of approximately 220 miles on EPA test cycles
      – Synchronous permanent magnet electric motors positioned at the front and rear axles generate a combined output of 400hp and 516- lb-ft. of instant torque, delivering sports car acceleration and the traction benefits of all-wheel drive
      – A new electric vehicle architecture enabled Jaguar designers and engineers to tear up the rule book on vehicle layout
      – Optimized aerodynamics deliver a drag coefficient of just 0.29 and inspired new design features that reflect the vehicle’s power and performance
      – The interior blends British craftsmanship with cutting-edge Jaguar technology and premium materials, showcasing a vision for the brand’s electric luxury future.
      – Lightweight slimline seats and a ‘Sports Command’ driving position deliver a sports car-like sense of connection with the road
      – The low center of gravity combined with sophisticated double wishbone front and Integral Link rear suspension delivers Jaguar characteristic ride and handling with outstanding refinement
      – A blend of touchscreens, capacitive switches and tactile analog controls help drivers to manage in-car information more intuitively
      (LOS ANGELES) – November 14, 2016 – Today, Jaguar revealed its I-PACE Concept vehicle, an all-electric performance SUV(1). The concept previews the first-ever electric vehicle from Jaguar and features a targeted range of 220 miles on the EPA test cycle.
      “The I-PACE Concept is a radical departure for electric vehicles. It represents the next generation of battery electric vehicle design. It’s a dramatic, future-facing design – the product of Jaguar DNA matched with beautiful, premium details and British craftsmanship.
      This isn’t just a concept. It is a preview of a five-seat production car that will be on the road in 2018. This will be Jaguar’s first-ever battery-powered electric vehicle and opens a new chapter in the history of our legendary brand.”
      Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar
      The Jaguar I-PACE Concept is one of the most visually arresting concepts ever produced by Jaguar. Taking full advantage of the packaging freedom offered by electrification, the design and engineering teams took the opportunity to rethink the vehicle’s overall proportions.
      The result is an exceptional vehicle that combines an advanced cab-forward design inspired by the Jaguar C-X75 supercar – incorporating the smooth silhouette of a coupe, in a five-seat SUV. The I-PACE Concept embodies the technological advances under its skin – and the Jaguar design team’s belief that consumers are ready for bolder electric vehicle designs.
      “The opportunities offered by an electric powertrain are huge. Electric vehicles offer designers much greater freedom, and it is an opportunity we must grasp. This is why the I-PACE Concept is developed on a new architecture which has been designed to optimize electric vehicle performance, aerodynamics and interior space.
      With the I-PACE Concept, the revolution is in the profile, not the design language. The profile is possible because this car is electric. It’s not just that we wanted to create something that was very different from anything else we do: we wanted the design to celebrate the new battery electric technology.
      I was determined from the very beginning of this project to create a design which reflected this change in the mechanics of the car. This is what led to the sporty cab-forward profile rather than a car with a hood and an engine.”
      Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar
      The electric drive system afforded the design team additional freedom to achieve the dynamic proportions on the I-PACE Concept. Leveraging the technological possibilities of electric driving, the I-PACE Concept introduces big design changes and finds fresh expression for the premium, personal touches and British craftsmanship Jaguar is known for.
      Without an internal combustion engine and transmission tunnel to package, the design of the I-PACE Concept brings the cabin forward, extends the wheelbase and shortens the overhangs. This enables the silhouette to become more aerodynamic and the haunches to develop more powerful proportions. It also enlarges the interior space and improves vehicle dynamics and visibility.
      As a result, the profile of the I-PACE Concept has more in common with the C-X75 mid-engine supercar than conventional SUVs. The evidence is clear in the cab-forward proportions, the dynamic heart line, curve of the front fenders, powerful proportions of the rear haunches and the large, purposeful wheels. Despite this, the overall footprint of the I-PACE Concept is as compact as a conventional mid-sized SUV. The long, 117.72 inch (2,990mm) wheelbase creates a voluminous interior with a level of rear knee room usually only found in full-size SUVs and luxury sedans.
      With its streamlined profile, sweeping lines, large wheels and muscular rear haunches, the I-PACE Concept represents a new generation of electric vehicle. Bringing together hallmarks of the Jaguar brand, but featuring new lines made possible by the electric powertrain; the design of the I-PACE Concept features a dynamic aesthetic that expresses its performance, innovation and style.
      The long wheelbase as well as short front and rear overhangs help to deliver a coupe-like roofline. The cabin sits low between sets of sweeping fenders, creating a sense of movement; giving the body a fast, tapering waistline. The dynamic window lines further enhance the sports car-inspired looks. The cab- forward design is accentuated by the windshield’s steep angle and heavily curved glass, flowing down into a low hood that adds to the sense of supercar style.
      The muscular wheel arches are sculpted around breathtaking 23-inch Nighthawk wheels finished in Technical Grey with Gloss Black inserts and feature a beautiful diamond-turned pattern, both of which underscore a sense of purpose for the I-PACE Concept. The dynamic intent of the wheels is further enhanced by bespoke 265/35/R23 tires that feature a unique tread pattern. The powerful rear haunches add to the muscular stance, further enhancing its sports car-like poise.
      Close work between the Design and Aerodynamics teams not only achieved a drag coefficient of just 0.29 Cd, it also inspired a technological edge to the concept’s styling. Flush door handles help to reduce drag by only sliding out when activated. Aerodynamically optimized side skirts also blend form and function by channeling air more efficiently around the wheels.
      The design of the I-PACE Concept communicates muscular performance. The low hood and wide curving wheel arches combine to marry sports car aesthetics and SUV presence. A broad, distinctive grille with a hexagonal grid in gloss black retains a key element of Jaguar design DNA while also providing aerodynamic and cooling benefits.
      Airflow also passes through the C-X75-derived hood scoop, helping to reduce drag. Slimline full LED headlights incorporate a signature Double-J daytime running light motif and help to further emphasize the vehicle’s clean lines.
      The sharp styling of the rear of the I-PACE Concept provides a clear indication of the vehicle’s dynamic potential and efficiency. A slender composite spoiler reduces lift at higher speeds without generating drag and has the secondary benefit of enhancing the vehicle’s sporting character.
      The steeply sloped rear window aids the vehicle’s aerodynamics and incorporates an advanced hydrophobic coating on the glass, eliminating the visual clutter of a rear wiper. The shape and design of the rear window glass are in direct contrast with the squared-off design of the rear lower valance and extended rear three-quarter fenders; projecting power, but also benefitting from improved aerodynamics which enhance overall efficiency.
      Relentless design optimization ensures that form and function work together beautifully. The bold styling accentuated by the vehicle’s short rear overhang and prominent wheels, also encourages air to cling longer to the vehicle, stabilizing airflow at speed.
      Ingenious rear vents serve the dual purpose of providing a clever visual replacement for tailpipes, and channeling turbulent air from the rear wheel arches into the vehicle’s wake, making the car more aerodynamically efficient. A rear diffuser also contributes to aerodynamic efficiency while simultaneously enhancing the low-slung stance of the I-PACE Concept.
      The LED tail lamps, while similar to those on other Jaguar models, square off the roundel graphic for an edgier and more technical look. A broad, high-mounted LED stop lamp is integrated invisibly beneath the spoiler, visible only when the driver brakes.
      The five-seat I-PACE Concept is a clear statement of plans for a production Jaguar model with future- focused design, pervading the open, spacious interior. It also showcases a blend of new technologies and traditional materials that characterize a vision for what a Jaguar electric luxury vehicle could be.
      The I-PACE Concept is a perfect example of just how much interior space the Jaguar cab-forward design and electric powertrain creates.
      “Our brief was to create a spacious performance SUV that could comfortably carry five people. Otherwise we had a clean sheet of paper. To deliver this, we embraced the freedom that electrification offers designers.
      The electric powertrain and the cab-forward layout position the driver further forward, increasing the space for row-two occupants. This also allows a luggage compartment volume of almost 19 cu. ft. without compromising the dramatic silhouette.”
      Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar 

      Jaguar cockpits have always been driver focused; the I-PACE Concept is no different. Inside, the cockpit is complemented by intuitive interface designs and advanced materials that reflect Jaguar craftsmanship in new and innovative ways.
      The driver and passengers sit lower in the I-PACE Concept than in conventional SUVs, while slimline seats position the hips lower in relation to the heels; this ‘Sports Command’ driving position helps to enhance a sense of connection with the road.
      The cab-forward design of the I-PACE Concept, low hood and short overhangs provide the driver with exceptional visibility, view of the road and the vehicle’s surroundings. A little like the Jaguar E-Type, the front fenders beautifully frame the road ahead, enabling drivers to use them to sight a line through corners with confidence.
      From the moment the door opens, the feeling of interior spaciousness is clear. Entering the I-PACE Concept, the driver can view the entire width of the flat floor through a cantilevered center console, helping to deliver an immediate sense of the space and openness inside.
      The instrument panel is positioned low and its simple horizontal lines and minimalist switchgear help further emphasize the interior’s size. The center console cossets the driver, with two ‘looping’ metal struts beautifully framing the access to a storage area under the control panel – a motif that will recur in other future Jaguar vehicles.
      These struts also enable a tactile replacement to the traditional gear shifter. Buttons integrated into the strut allow the driver to reach down and select forward, neutral, park or reverse intuitively with a simple press of the thumb.
      Throughout the interior of the I-PACE Concept, Jaguar carefully selected high quality, natural materials delivering high standards of craftsmanship and a pervasive sense of both luxury and sustainability. The interior’s finishes create rich textural contrasts. Windsor leather covers the front of the seats, laser-cut with the signature Jaguar lozenge motif, sewn with contrasting twin-needle stitching and edged with colored carbon fiber trim. The seat backs are finished in Moonstone Alcantara.
      The doors feature a similarly tonal layering of aluminum, Alcantara and dark, unvarnished open pore walnut veneers. Fine details such as the audio speaker grilles are integrated into the door handle finishers and feature a jewel-like, 3D design that also references the Jaguar lozenge motif.
      A full-length panoramic glass roof extends the sweeping angle of the windshield and floods the interior of the I-PACE Concept with natural light. The glass integrates seamlessly into the interior thanks to a lozenge-patterned ceramic print that unites the roof with other interior surface finishes. At night, an array of LEDs embedded in the roof illuminate the patterned glass to create a stunning visual effect.
      The I-PACE Concept is very much a drivers’ car but the interior has been painstakingly crafted to ensure that all occupants share the sense of being in something special – that’s what being inside a Jaguar is all about. Luxurious, contemporary materials, perfectly executed surfaces and exquisite finishes are found throughout. Here are just some of them:
      Touchscreen interfaces and tactile rotary controllers with a distinctive knurled metal finish reflect the vehicle’s blend of cutting-edge technologies and traditional craftsmanship. The rotary controllers feature precision-milled aluminum encasing unique high-definition circular displays with variable haptic feedback setting to help the driver differentiate between modes  Laser-etched detailing on the instrument panel’s burl wood surface reads: “Lovingly crafted by Jaguar. Est. Coventry 1935”. The beautifully-crafted GPS coordinates locate the Jaguar design studio – birthplace of the I-PACE Concept.  The signature Jaguar lozenge pattern has been applied onto the seat cushions using an innovative laser-cutting process. The same effect can be found on the pedals and the center console surround.  Labels with Jaguar paw prints are stitched into the seams of the seats for a playful accent and symbolize the warmth and wit unique to the Jaguar brand.  The signature Jaguar lozenge pattern is photo-etched onto the MeridianTM audio system speaker grilles integrated into the doors. VERSATILITY AND EVERYDAY USABILITY
      The brief for the Jaguar I-PACE Concept was to create a performance SUV that is spacious, sporty and useable. The cab-forward layout creates unprecedented interior space that is far larger than is possible in vehicles powered by internal combustion.
      With no engine bay and a battery pack that sits flat between the axles, the cab-forward design’s long wheelbase and short overhangs enable a footprint of 184.25 in. (4,680mm) x 74.41in. (1,890mm) and a long wheelbase of 117.72 in. (2,990mm).
      "This is an uncompromised electric vehicle designed from a clean sheet of paper: we developed a new architecture and selected only the best technology available. The I-PACE Concept fully exploits the potential EVs can offer in space utilization, driving pleasure and performance."
      Dr Wolfgang Ziebart, Technical Design Director, Jaguar Land Rover
      With no transmission tunnel to accommodate, Jaguar designers used the free space to create an innovative 2.11-gal. (8-liter) storage area within the center console. With the traditional gear shifter also absent, the I-PACE Concept instead has smart storage space for phones, keys and other small items.
      Even with its raked rear glass the I-PACE Concept, features an 18.71 cu. ft. (530-liter) luggage compartment; the front luggage compartment under the hood offers an additional cubic foot (28-liters) of storage space.
      The I-PACE Concept introduces a new intuitive ‘flightdeck’ approach for the controls interface. The design philosophy emphasizes controls that fall ergonomically to hand and technology that promotes driver engagement.
      The floating center console found in the I-PACE Concept is a key element in advancing cockpit ergonomics, utility and performance. The console rises to connect with the dashboard and ensconce the driver, and provides a level of mechanical connection with the vehicle by positioning gearshift functions on its metal struts.
      Information is shared with the driver with elegant simplicity. Graphic elements of the human machine interface (HMI) have an editorial, monochromatic feel with a warmer, more human focus, mirroring current technology trends. Lighter font weights and the sparing use of color are designed to both improve readability, communication and reduce the driver’s information workload.
      Touchscreens, intuitive rotary dials and multi-function buttons offer the perfect balance of tactile analogue controls and interactive digital interfaces, helping the driver concentrate on the road, not their fingers.
      The primary interface is a 10-inch TFT screen blended seamlessly into the surface of the center console.
      A separate, 5.5-inch secondary touchscreen is paired with two laser etched aluminum rotaries that encase vibrant circular HD displays. This allows occupants to configure infotainment and climate while keeping full screen information on the 10-inch display above.
      The I-PACE Concept also features a configurable 12-inch HD virtual instrument cluster and a full-color head-up display, providing the driver with the information they need when and where they need it.
      The I-PACE Concept introduces a new three-spoke steering wheel with multi-function capacitive switches. These remain invisible until illuminated, improving aesthetics and putting more functionality at the driver’s fingertips. To make them more tactile, they also feature a ‘micro-click’ haptic feedback when pressed. 

      Like the InControl Touch Pro infotainment system offered in the current line-up of Jaguar vehicles, the system in the I-PACE Concept is designed in-house around a powerful quad-core processor, a high- speed solid-state drive and an ultra-fast Ethernet network. Combined, they deliver exceptional performance, responsiveness and functionality.
      Just like the infotainment systems found in many Jaguar production cars, the I-PACE Concept features a Wi-Fi hotspot enabling occupants in every seat to stay connected and stream music, video and other data to their devices.
      The I-PACE Concept also enables occupants to use apps on their iOS® and AndroidTM smartphones through the vehicle’s main touchscreen using InControl Apps. The range of apps, optimized for in-vehicle use to reduce driver distraction, is growing all the time and now includes a unique Spotify app which is the first to offer recommended playlists on the Spotify home screen. Users can get personalized ‘Just for You’ playlists which contain recommended tracks, meaning less time is spent scrolling though menus searching for music.
      The I-PACE Concept delivers the driver-focused performance and response Jaguar is renowned for thanks to electric motors positioned on the front and rear axles; together these deliver 400hp and 516-lb ft of instant torque.
      Electric all-wheel drive helps the I-PACE Concept put power down and maintain traction on a variety of surfaces and weather conditions. Response is immediate and the system provides exceptional control over the front and rear torque distribution, responding immediately to driver inputs, road conditions and vehicle characteristics.
      "Electric motors provide immediate response with no lag, no gearshifts and no interruptions. Their superior torque delivery compared to internal combustion engines transforms the driving experience.
      With 516-lb ft of torque and the traction benefits of all-wheel drive, the I-PACE Concept accelerates from 0-60mph in around four seconds."
      Ian Hoban, Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar Land Rover
      The driving dynamics and responsiveness of the I-PACE Concept are further enhanced due to the battery’s ideal position beneath the floor and between the axles; lowering the center of gravity and reducing body roll.
      Jaguar Land Rover engineers designed and developed the synchronous, permanent magnet electric motors in-house to achieve the most compact design, greatest efficiency and maximum power density. They have an outer diameter of just 9.21in. (234mm) and are only 19.68in. (500mm) long.
      Rather than the conventional, offset configuration which places the transmission in front of the motor, the I-PACE concept features a more space-efficient concentric layout, which contributes directly to the excellent ground clearance and spacious interior.
      Electrification has a secondary benefit too; by selecting a higher level of regenerative braking, in stop- and-go traffic for instance, the driver can drive mostly using just the accelerator, with less need to apply the brakes to slow the car.
      To ensure drivers enjoy and exploit the performance of the I-PACE Concept in a variety of weathers and road conditions, the electric all-wheel drive system is enhanced with Jaguar traction technologies, including All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) and Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR).
      The Jaguar F-PACE has been widely recognized for its balance of ride, handling and refinement, and the I-PACE Concept will do the same. The sophisticated suspension design, the benefits of a low center of gravity and incorporating all of the lessons learnt developing the F-TYPE and F-PACE will set the I-PACE Concept apart from all other electric vehicles. 

      The front suspension system relies on the same double-wishbone configuration proven in the F-TYPE and F-PACE because Jaguar believes there is no better system.
      "When you get behind the wheel, the driving experience reflects the dynamic design of the I-PACE Concept. It's a Jaguar through and through and we will prove that a zero emission vehicle can be a true driver's car.
      We proved with the F-PACE that a performance crossover can deliver the agility, connected feel and ride quality you'd expect from a Jaguar. Now we're going to do the same with the I-PACE Concept: this will be the first electric vehicle developed for enthusiasts who love driving."
      Mike Cross, Chief Engineer of Vehicle Integrity, Jaguar Land Rover
      The high camber stiffness afforded by the lightweight aluminum double wishbone design is fundamental to agility and responsiveness – lateral forces at the tires’ contact patches build very quickly, and the steering responds immediately and precisely to the driver’s every input.
      And because of the superior roll camber gain characteristics inherent in the double wishbone system, the tires’ contact patches are better maintained throughout the suspension’s full range of movement, helping to optimize traction.
      Integral Link suspension design, proven in the Jaguar XE and XF sedans, and now the F-PACE, was the natural choice for the rear suspension in the I-PACE Concept. Its sophistication eclipses other multilink rear suspension designs to offer an exceptional balance of ride, handling and refinement. Integral Link enables chassis engineers to tune longitudinal and lateral stiffness independently. This means freedom to fully optimize comfort and dynamics attributes without the one compromising the other.
      As a result, the bushings which manage longitudinal forces can be made softer and therefore the ride is smoother and impact absorption quieter. The bushings which manage lateral forces can be made stiffer for more precise handling and even greater responsiveness.
      The Integral Link suspension is also extremely space-efficient. Combined with the compact rear electric motor, this contributes to the large luggage compartment volume and excellent ground clearance.
      For most customers, the I-PACE Concept will be the first electric car they have owned. Research and innovations by the engineering and design teams have simplified the ownership experience and lowered the barriers to adoption. The electric motors, battery pack and management systems give the best possible performance and a useful range for most daily journeys.
      The range of the I-PACE Concept is targeted to be around 220 miles on the US EPA cycle. The battery can be charged at the growing network of public charging stations, a dedicated wall box at home, or simply using conventional domestic power sockets.
      Charging is easy and quick. An 80 percent charge can be achieved in 90 minutes and 100 percent in just over two hours using 50kW DC fast charging.
      “Electric vehicles are inevitable – Jaguar will make them desirable. Zero emission cars are here to stay and the I-PACE Concept is at the cutting edge of the electric vehicle revolution.
      As the charging infrastructure continues to develop globally cars like the I-PACE Concept will make drivers appreciate that an EV can be rewarding and practical enough to drive every day.”
      Ian Hoban, Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar Land Rover
      Energy storage in the I-PACE Concept is a liquid-cooled 90kWh lithium-ion battery pack, designed and developed in-house. The battery’s housing is lightweight aluminum and forms an integral part of the body structure of the I-PACE Concept.
      The battery uses pouch cells selected for their energy density, superior thermal performance due to lower internal resistance, and because of the design freedom they afford. Unlike some competing cell formats, pouch cells also offer excellent future development potential, especially in terms of energy density – this will enable greater range for a given size of battery, or will deliver similar range to today but from a smaller, lighter pack.
      The pack is liquid-cooled using a dedicated two-mode cooling circuit. In moderate ambient temperatures the battery improves efficiency by relying only on a radiator to remove the heat generated by the cells. At higher temperatures a chiller linked to the vehicle’s main air conditioning system provides greater cooling capacity to keep the battery in optimum condition.
      Energy efficiency is further enhanced by integrating a heat pump into the climate control system. The heat pump is far more efficient than conventional electric heaters because it uses energy from the outside air to heat the cabin rather than relying solely on drawing current from the battery; helping to extend the range of the battery even in freezing winter conditions.

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