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No Delay in Killing RELAY


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Relay Production to End this Month

December 5, 2006

Link to Original Article @ SaturnFans.com

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Saturn has confirmed to SaturnFans.com that production of the slow-selling Relay will cease at the end of December. Year-to-date sales of the minivan were down 55.2% through the end of November to 6,755 units. Late last month, GM announced that it has canceled plans for a rumored 2009 Saturn minivan. The Relay will effectively be replaced by the all-new 2007 Saturn Outlook crossover sport-utility, which is just starting to arrive at retail facilities around the country.

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The sooner these minivans are off GM dealer lots the better. They're an embarassment to a company capable of producing quality product like the Lambdas.

I'm sure the Terraza will get the axe once the Enclave hits dealers as well.

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GM should do a nice minivan. An honest and full attempt. Featureful and innovative with good looks and a great interior.

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Still available in Canada. <_<



Whew! I dunno what I would do without a vehicle offering the PhatNoise entertainment system! The sun would no longer rise! <G>


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Good glad they got rid of that one it was the ugliest of all those new (2005) models. I liked the Pontiac and Buick most. The Buick will get axed once the Enclave comes out along with the Rainer and Rendevous. (Trimming models and selling more of one product make sense!) The Relay was ugly and I hardly ever say this about GM vehicles but it was a crummy van (just a rebadge and an after-thought)! Although the Chevy will prolly hang around a while but uhh I am kind of sad the SV6 went in the US because it was alot better looking than some of the others but in keeping with GM's trimming theme and Pontiac's sporty image, it HAD TO GO!

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