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Anyone know if the Aura drives well?


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Shouldn't be too bad. The Aura rides on the same mechanicals as the G6, and so far my G6 has done me well, except in high speed conditions, where understeer is evident. The hydraulic steering is pretty heavy though, although it's probably just me used to my electric one.

But as a highway cruiser, it's smooooth. The "Ancient old pushrod" serves me well.

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Civic isn't even in the same size class.

Camry is just blah... she might as well just shop the appliance department at Home Depot

Wranger is her dreaming

Aura is decent, in loaded XR form it's almost like getting a CTS in size and appointments.

Chrysler Sebring.... well... just do your own search on here about that one.

Avenger... not terrible, gut I think the Aura will out class it

Volkswagen Jetta.... only if she also gets the extended warranty.

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Honda Civic-terrbile value, ridiculous interior and exterior

Toyota camry-overhyped and soft, recalls, ugly

Jeep Wrangler-not a sedan

Saturn Aura-the bomb!

Chryser Sebring-funny looking, feels like a rental

Dodge Avenger-hickish, but maybe ok

Volkswagen Jetta-small for what you get for your money

my guess is if you drive that whole bunch, you will like the Aura the best.

you know, funny thing. base CTS or lightly optioned ones are selling at huge discounts. Depending on your budget......a lower priced CTS may be worth checking out if you are ok with RWD.

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I was very receptive to the Aura and went to check one or two out at the Saturn dealership. They were very nice and respectful.

Just based on sitting in it, I didn't like it. The quality of the fabric was just "eh" and the cabin felt cramped. I'm not even that tall.

Therefore, I didn't even proceed to test driving it.

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The AURA drives and handles well. I have an XE and it comes with Hankook tires - something I don't like. They suck in snow and offer so-so performance in wet weather (rain). They handle well on dry pavement though. If I bought the car instead of leasing it, I probably would have replaced the tires with another brand (the XR comes with Goodyears). I didn't get the leather interior option, and what sucks about that is the steering wheel is not covered in leather (stupid plastic steering wheel). I think GM/Saturn made a mistake by not including a leather on the steering wheel and shifter (again, only come that way with the leather interior option).

I have over 5k on it so far and like the ride, handling, engine performance (3500 V6) and trunk space (not as pdeep as my '04 Malibu LT, but the styling of the AURA makes up for that). Everybody who rides in it can't believe it's the base model of the range. While I went with a cloth XE, I did get the following options: heated front seats, remote start, power passenger seat, adjustable pedals, and chromed wheelcovers. I wish my dealer had found one with the 6-disc CD player, as I have that option in both my Envoy & SKY - there are times I wonder why it won't let me add more than 1 CD and then I remember that it's a single dics player :duh: But it does have the auxillary input jack so I can take along the iPod and use it in the car (same with the SKY but not the Envoy). The wife and I are lead foots and the combined fuel economy is around 22 MPG. Not too bad, but I'd like to see it get closer to the 30 MPG mark SOON.

My parents have a 2006 Pontiac G6 V6 Sedan and are happy with that. It offered just about everything they wanted in a new sedan and sporty styling (what my dad liked most). Don't forget that the all-new 2008 Chevy Malibu will be out soon - the AURA, G6 and Malibu would make a good choice IMHO.

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