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My Aunt's Choices


The Car Choice  

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  1. 1. What Should My Aunt Get?

    • Scion tC
    • Infiniti G35

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1. light blue/dark blue 2007 Scion tC w/ blue neon lights and large spoiler

2. royal blue 2007 Infiniti G35 coupe (spoiler not decided yet)

....Civic may happen, but not very likely....

....Jetta too bland....

....Aura too large....sedans for old ladies....

....couldn't find Avenger in dealerships....

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Interesting that you say the Aura's too large. The G35 is around the same size.

I KNOW! We actually first test-drove a Civic, but it took the jerk salesman twenty minutes to get the car. She asked for a blue Civic coupe with a sunroof, and we get a silver Civic coupe with no sunrrof! oh, and the Eclipse is udner the belt, also. The G35 was amazing! I'll post a review.
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Guest YellowJacket894

Don't know why he would lie about it, but it has all of the classic "bull$h! post" symptoms. Half of these cars are like comparing an apple to a grape.

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While we're at it... Nissan Altima coupe? VW GTI? Audi A3? BMW 328i coupe? Ford Mustang? Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?

Altima..couldn't find

BMw..RWD? She's checiking up on a used one

Jeep..too large, regular too cramped

..oh, this is for real

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YellowDart is right. Women do shop between some very different classes.

How old is your aunt?

The G35 is a very nice car, BUT, it only has a trunk. If your aunt wants practicality, the xB is what she wants. Plus, the xB will have better fuel efficiency.

It's also good if she gets the xB because it will furthur reinforce the idea that Scions are for old people, and not youthful, rock-climing, kayaking, skateboarding, mountain biking, wind surfing, youngsters. Instead, it'll be vehicle of choice to carpool to bingo Wednesdays! :metal::metal::D

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