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Mets or Yankees?


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I thought as a point of interest I would post something about the impending subway series in NY. I was born just a bit outside of Queens and have been, for my entire life, a huge Mets fan. Such a huge Mets fan that at the age of 20 I have became a season ticket holder at the begging of this season (with much hard earned cash bartending as my second job.)

Even though I've probably been to about 60 Mets games prior to this year I have never been able to get my hands on subway series tickets at a resonable price, or at least not at a price I could afford to pay because I would likely have payed an unresonable price just to go.

So as long as it doesn't get rained out tonight I will be attending the first of the three game series.

I predict Mets domination due to their superior pitching and the general athletisism of the much younger faster and better fielding team.

Who will by watching or going?

Who will you be rooting for?

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I'm a Yankee fan, but I think I'm with you in thinking there's a massacre upon us. The Yanks' patchwork rotation isn't going to hold up.

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Thats funny Chevy, Im iun a somewhat similar situation. Half my family are Yankee fans and Half are Mets fans. Up untill 2000 we lived Quite harmoniously but ever since then we go to war during baseball season.

My Dad, Grandmother (Mom's mother who lives with us.) and Aunt (Mom's sister who lives with us) are all Yankee fans.

My Mom, my brother and myself are all Mets fans. (so was my Grandfather on my mom's side who lived with us until he passed away two year ago.)

As you can see the married couples were split down the middle.

My brothers wife is a Boston fan so she routes for the Mets by default.

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Well, I was raised a Yankees fan... but my best friend is a Mets fan. I have a little curse put on me... if I watch a Mets game, they lose. It's almost bizarre--my friends didn't believe me until I proved it to them.

So, since I've proved it to them, I'm not allowed to watch Mets games. Even my students get angry at me if I do (I watched a couple in the beginning of the year and they screamed at me) :AH-HA_wink:

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Hey BV. My friend who bought the seat next to me (so we could have two seats between us and take other people to them games when we couldn't make the games ourselves) is gay. Maybe you'd like to meat him? It's funny, since I've been a more active baseball fan I have disocvered that my friend knows by far more about baseball than I do, largley dispelling the preconception I had that I would know more about the game than him.

I recently accused him of only knowing so much about it because of his attraction for the players. He responded that it was for the love of the game though he does have a crush on David Wright and would like John Maine more except for the fact that he thinks "pitchers are wierd."

Anyways, I just closed my office door and am changing into my Mets gear. I will soon be departing Norwalk CT for Shea Stadium in Queens NY. Normally about an hour drive. Today, I'll be happy if I get there by the second inning because of traffic. I also hope the game doesnt get called because of rain. Nothing like paying 10 bucks worth of gas 9 in tolls and 14 in parking just to wait around for a game to be called.

Anyways my inane ranting is due to my excitment... let's go METS!!!

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