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Pizza Crust


What kind of pizza crust do you like?  

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  1. 1. What kind of pizza crust do you like?

    • Thick
    • Thin
    • Indifferent
    • Don't like / don't eat pizza
    • Other - explain

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Here across the pond, pizza tends to be served on an individual basis, is less expensive than in the states and is delicious.

I had thin crust pizza the last 2 nights -- topped with olives, artichokes, prosciutto and mushrooms. Fantastic.

I really don't like thick crust pizza because I like tasting the ingredients. Which type of crust do you like?

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No matter to me. I love both traditional round pies (thin crust) and Sicilian pies (thick crust). I'm more of a stickler for the texture of the crust. It must be crispy, yet not burned. There aren't many pizzerias outside of NYC that can do that.

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Dipende della pizza... honestly, I liked thin crust and thick crust. A thick crust is a nice treat after you've polished off the main part of the pizza. It's like a way to wind down your meal and segue into espresso o cappuccino.

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I enjoy a good slice of pizza....I voted indifferent....if the crust it thick or thin, it does not matter to me as long as it crunchy, yet soft and tastes good. I hate Pizza Hut, Dominos I can tolerate more thna Piza Hut. As far as fast food pizza goes I'll take Papa Johns. But I prefer a traditional pizzeria.

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I like both varieties but I like thick crust pizza better...the toppings tend to overpower the taste of the crust if there's not enough of it. I love stuffed crust pizza.

What is really important is the ratio of sauce verses teh amount of crust and cheese...too much can ruin it (for me).

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Guest YellowJacket894

When it comes to these carry-out places, I'm a sucker for the new hand-tossed crust from Pizza Hut and, of course, I can't go wrong with the traditional large from Papa John's. I guess I like a crust that is crispy on the outside, but chewy and soft on the inside.

Pizza Hut's "pan pizza" is gross, imo.

I'll agree with that whole-heartedly. It's slathered in grease, too. Makes my stomach sick. :puke:

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I chose other because the best pizza that I have ever eaten is a Chicago style stuffed pizza from a place called Giordanos in the Chicago area.


They are the best, and they can ship it to you anywhere as well!

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