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my boss is car shopping

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he'll pass his late 90's (maybe 2000?) camry on to his daughter, and have a ~96? cavalier (manual) to get rid of/trade.

he's pretty fixed on a mustang convertible and the GT is a little out of his price range.

he's looked at an eclipse, no, a little small.

it will be his wife's car during the week, she's a teacher.

he's near 50, mid life crises? ...he bought a low miles, 4 year old, triumph last year.

the kappa's are to small for him, and he wants a convertible. he'd prefer a car from a dealer lot (read comes with some warranty)

any good ideas for other vehicles he should look at?

any good reasons why he shouldn't buy a mustang?


if nothing else it's fodder for discusion

oh, he does like how the "'09"camaro looks, his son has a 4th gen SS convertible.

thinks the 08 malibu looks to bland.( he was looking into the midsize before he decided he wanted a convertible.

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G6 hardtop?

I was having fun with one this morning, chasing it, letting it chase me, riding along side it. It was black with the polished wheels, and being piloted by a youngish female. Not a bad unit at all - I think it was 3900 powered, as it had a deeper sound to it than your standard-issue 3500.

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Just get the Limited with the 3.5L

The interior in tan is really nice...believe it or not...even C&D thinks so.

A Sebring Limited is more than a Mustang GT. I doubt he can afford that if he can't afford the Mustang.

C&D did like the interior, but the Mustang and G6 interiors probably make it seem better than it is (as they are both terrible).

If it was me, I guess I'd go with the Mustang. G6 interior sucks and it has no trunk, Sebring is way too boring, and Mustang has a bad interior and you see one at every stoplight. If he is considering used, I'd go with something from a more premium brand. Saab 9-3 perhaps.

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Anything in this thread would have been a better choice than that.

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the "fact" he quoted when i first asked what he got was the resale value of yota's in 3-5 years... and then said it was cute.... it's his wife's car. then later in the day kinda implied... who knows if they'll keep it more than 3 years sort of thing, if he really wants a camaro or something else by then.

sorry, just looked at my first post... his top budget was just a hair over 30K for a better idea what he was looking at.

his last GM vehicle he personally owned, not "company owed", was an olds.. '85 88 pretty sure... one plagued with tranny problems, computer problems. he likes the company owned '07 'nox pretty well though.

this thread gonna die now? lol

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