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Tripple Murder Cadillac


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Got your attention?

Gather around the campfire kids I've got a tale for you.

This is a perfect truth is stranger than fiction scenario.

Unfortunately it has a very tragic & sad ending...

First off some of you may remember "Mr.Death". About

a year ago I owned, for a short time a rotted, tired &

neglected 1970 Cadillac Coupe deVille seafoam green

with a tan interior & black top. There's a long story

about why that car was called "Mr.Death", but this is

not the time or the place for that.

Posted Image <----- "Mr.Death"

Well recently I've been talking quite a bit about another

Cadillac beater... I've had a two Fleetwood Broughams

& several other Cadillacs but nothing older than 1977,

after all I never got to drive & enjoy Mr.Death so I can't

count that as a car so much as a parts car, which is

exactly what that car is now. So recently I thought to

myself I should really keep an eye out in the near future

for a 1971/2/3 Sedan deVille.

That was my current kick as far as the craiglist searches

went, a hardtop 4-dr so I could get my daughter in &

out easily but still enoy the pillerless ambiance.

Well, through sad & tragic circumstances, thanks once

again to XP715 saving ANOTHER classic from a junkyard

I am now driving a 1971 Cadillac Sedan deVille.

I say tragic because the previous owner was a 25 year

old guy who was one of the victims of a recent tripple

homicide that shook up the police & court systems

here in New England.

William Jones, 25 years old was shot to death and his

beloved 1971 Cadillac was about to end up in a

junkyard until XP stepped in and saved it from certain

demise. So there you have it, ANOTHER car bought

from a tragicaly decesed owner.

Here's the story:

Posted Image

A few links to other articles:





I can not begin to say how disgusted I am with this

piece of $hit lowlife turned armed robber. But while

no one can bring back the three innocent people he

killed I have benefited by getting a cheap beater.

Here is the car I've been driving for the past three days, Mr. Death II.

Although I think this 4dr hardtop is a girl.

Posted Image

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Lose the Walmart wheels covers :P

Those are kind of a T.W.C.C. running joke. I bought them from

AutoZone for $7 or something ridiculous like that, they were

originally $40 before they collected dust in the discount bin for

a month. They are LED & light up in all kinds of crazy patterns,

They were on my free '79 Chevy for a while, then on my 1959

Buick for a few weeks as a joke and now I slapped them on the

Seafoam Sled.

XP715 officially will go on record saying he wanted 1971 Cadillac

hubcaps (wheelcovers) for the '77 Banana Boat and so he went

about getting a set in the most elaborate way possible. When I

met up with him & his G/F at his house they had just gotten

back with the car and he was in the middle of grabbing the

hubcaps off the 1971 & throwing them in the trunk of the 1977.

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Okay... well the best way to describe it is that I have

the nicest 1971 Parts car in New England. It's rotted,

has enough Bondo in the hood, rear 1/4 & rockers to

make a Honda Civic body kit & all the mechanicalls

are a bit tired/ worn.

This is NOT a car for the faint of heart. It's actually

quite scarry, but I love 'em that way. My last REAL

"Winter Beater" was a 1983 Firebird T-top with a

crate 350 intended for a truck, lots of bondo lots of

rust but ran & drove decent and started up every

single time I turned the key.

The important part is that the B-posts are rock solid,

which is pleasantly surprising... also, the brakes stop

the car without incident. The interior makes me

wonder weather the "09230" miles on the odometer

does not mean "209,230" instead of the 109K that is

indicated by the title. It floats down the road and

soaks up potholes like a brand new DTS.

Either way I love it. I love classic Cadillacs, they're

made like battleships.

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Guest YellowJacket894

That weirdo was in Franklin, Kentucky? Jesus, dude. I have family living there. :o

Now that I have said that, ha-ha, congrats on the new Caddy, Sixty-8. May she see many more years on the road. I'm sure that the previous owner would be happy knowing a.) his car wasn't a pile of shrapnel and b.) is currently owned by someone who can appreciate the car. 8)

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Quite a story, indeed. I can definitely say that last Sunday was officially the weirdest day of my life. I had met William Jones briefly last summer when he came into the place I worked when I owned my 1971 Coupe DeVille. Having more or less the same car, we shot the &#036;h&#33; for a few minutes and exchanged phone numbers so maybe we'd be able to catch up with each at a car show some day or something of the like. Apparently he saved my number in his cell phone under some sort of heading that eluded to the fact that I either owned or liked old cars or Cadillacs or something because his father called me Sunday afternoon, and proceeded to burst into tears as he explained to me who he was and what had happened to his son. He then told me that I basically had to come get the car or else it would be going to a junkyard because he just couldn't stand to look at it anymore. So I drove the 50 miles, dropped a battery in her, and drove her home with my girlfriend following me back. It was easily the worst purchase I've ever gone through; the young man's uncle gave me all paperwork associated with the car under direction of the young man's father who spoke to us via Nextel two-way while he was at the cemetery! It was unbelievable. I couldn't imagine being at the grave of my child while a complete stranger gets ready to drive away with his project car on the other side of town. Apparently a friend of William's was coming by later in the day to take his motorcycle, as well. Is the car f@#ked? Absolutely. Parts car is a fair description all day long. The rear dog legs are all but missing and the fender skirts are held to the body with drywall screws. But if the $300 I paid for the car is what it costs to give a grieving family a small step forward in the healing process, then it was money well spent if you ask me. Now Sixty8 gets to babysit my second '71 Cadillac for as long as he likes and I'll get it back whenever he decides he's done with it. I love these old tanks to death, but this is the last way on Earth I wanted to end up with one. At least the car is in good hands, as it was before the life of its owner was cut tragically short.

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The famous 1959 Eldorado Seville (2-dr hardtop) Murder Car recently sold at Barret-Jackson for, I believe, $260K. The guy was shot in it in '59, and it stayed in a climate-controlled warehouse since; it has 5xxx miles on it. Sweet triple-white car.

That murder happened about 5 miles from where I live and about 2 miles from my work.

Look it up it was Nashua NH, and the car was white/white/blue. It had a blue-painted

steel roof. Can you imagine how creepy & eerie it must have looked when the two kids

discovered the corpse inside it, blood stains all over the white leather & shag carpet!?


I beleive in Karma but I do not beleive by driving William's old beater Cadillac any

harm will come to me, after all he's probably happy that someone is enjoying it.

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Posted Image

I think I'd trade my B-59 for this straight up, blood stained seats and all.

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Posted Image

I think I'd trade my B-59 for this straight up, blood stained seats and all.

She's a beaut! It's lucky they found Plastic-Man's body the day after (although it's kinda twisted it was found by young children who were walking to school who had stopped to admire the car) if the killers put the body in the trunk, then the car would have been ruined by the smell. As far as I know, the carpet is blood-stained, but I thought the seats were atleast somewhat cleaned.

Posted Image

Posted Image

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I guess I'm a weirdo because I'd love to own that car and show off the blood

stains at carshows. If I had the murder Cadillac I would take it to a Acura &

Lexus dealership to get my oil changed just so see the look on their faces,

"NO I do not want to complimentary vaccum or rug stain remover service!"

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YouTube ('59 murder car)

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