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'08 Impreza Outback Sport


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The "Outback" treatment looks more ridiculous on the 2008 hatchback than it did on the 2007 wagon version of the Impreza. Subaru needs to stop trying to make this car have SUV/crossover traits to increase sales. It just doesn't jell with this car. Use the development money to give this car a competitive five or six speed automatic instead of a goofy "I wished I was a crossover" appearance.

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You know, I had no problem with the new Impreza hatch as it was, regardless of the dodgy-looking grille treatment. I can live with that, because I like the packaging and the general Subaru "feel" (thumpy engine noises and all). But the "Outback Sport" always has to come along and ruin things.

Seriously, what other self-respecting small car these days offers a two-tone paint job? Hell, not even in the 1970s - the "bad old days" of small cars - could you get something that looked this mismatched. And that was back when they offered stripe kits to fill up the whole bodyside!

Cire hit it right - just sell the Impreza, and stop trying to make it butch. People who want that are already falling all over themselves to buy REAL two-tone posermobiles like the RAV4 or the Tucson. And anyway, don't you already have the Forester to fill that worthless niche?

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Nice Previous gen Vibe...

That's not saying much though.

Yes it is. The Vibe had useful cladding. Still ugly, but at least useful.

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