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Another Reason To Dislike Fox News

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This vid was brought to my attention by one of my friends and I think you've just gotta see it... It must have been a slow news day. I grew up on Mr. Rogers and I think he was one of the greatest people to walk the earth...


His Show was actually wholesome... Kids these days are subjected to shows like the Teletubbies (Cringe), with no educational or developmental value, you may as well put their brains in a blender...

I also saw this video where he spoke at a senate hearing in the 1960s to essentially save Public Television by singlehandedly earning a 20Mil $ Grant by his testimony alone. It's inspirational and worth a look:


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What a bunch of idiots...that actually pisses me off watching that because that's my generation they're talking about, I used to watch Mr. Rogers as a kid, and I've always been a hard worker and tried to do things better.

Hint hint Fox News...it's the PARENTS that teach kids the value of working hard, not a TV show.

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hehe... I finally have a use for this:

"Fox News in High Defamation"

(I enjoy making up stupid plays on words)

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If you care to listen to the news report, you would realize that Fox News is not themselves making the allegation that Mister Rogers is the reason that kids are lazy and feel deserving of things that are undeserved, but rather reporting some sorry excuse for a college professor's "findings" on said subject. So, while you cannot fault them for this, you can absolutely fault them for working this nonsense into their daily news program. Why this bull$h! ever made it out of a blurb on page eighty of some dumbass intellectual journal where these so-called academics compare notes on what they just pissed away their latest pile of grant money on is beyond me. Shame on Fox News for that, definitely.

..... and that video of Mister Rogers kicking ass and taking names on the floor of the Senate is awesome!

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wow.... :huh:

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