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Boy. it has been a rough weekend...

I'm sure you might remember my little "hero" thing I did earlier this year, in which I hurt my bad back.....

Well, after buming into something, and then lifting my little guy early saturday, I hurt my back again...

I really sucks when you can't lift your own child. :(

I was in so much pain, and even Heavy duty pain killers (begin the the letter V) didn't help....

While I'm getting better, it sucks to be in constant pain....

I'm hoping that it heals quick.....

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Hope it improves for you quickly.


It is getting better, but it still hurts when I walk (was not able to do that over the weekend)

The thing I hate about back injuries is that they take so long to heal.....

I'm just going to have to be very careful......

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One of these days my son and I will drive to Michigan and take you out to Lunch or Dinner...with all you've been through Dave, you deserve it.

I'll try to find someplace nice...with a wheelchair ramp....(just kidding, buddy)

Get well soon, hope your son is doing well.


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Yikes, Dave ... I remember you got hurt last year right before the gathering in July.

Sure hope you are up to coming THIS July (posting a new thread in the events/gatherings section tonight).

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