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What actor should be considered for Star Trek's next villain?

Drew Dowdell

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Hmmm..interesting thought. He could make a good villain. I wonder what the premise of the 2nd (12th) movie will be...since they dealt w/ Romulans and Vulcans in the current movie, maybe Klingons? Tribbles? The Horta?

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Darth Vader

While in the queue for Star Trek Saturday, some one coming out of the previous showing yelled 'Vader is Luke's father' as in giving away a spoiler from the movie. Great non sequitur.

Saw it on the largest screen in the state, a 70 x 34 ft one, w/ 600+ seats, was sold out. Was a lot of fun.

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Chuck Norris.

Mista Chuck can create his own black holes w/ a roundhouse kick. He can do warp speed just by thinking about it.

Speaking of Chuck, there is some old Vietnam war movie on TV now w/ him, on one of the Spanish channels.. he's got a bandana, a mullet, and a machine gun...they just sunk his inflatable raft, and were standing around laughing....he popped up out of the water w/ the machine gun (waterproof?) and began firing..

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