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Which Kardashian is your favorite?  

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  1. 1. Which Kardashian is your favorite?

    • Kim
    • Kourtney
    • Khloe
    • the hot cougar mom
    • Bruce Jenner

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I. Don't. Care.

Crap like this is exactly why my TV sits in the corner of my bedroom unplugged and collecting dust.

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Kim had a couple of good photo shoots then its all down hill from there. Seriously there is much more talented and hotter people then these lucky bastards. I could careless if they all died.

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One of my colleagues is obsessed with their show. He says it's because he's half-Armenian--just like them! After his incessant chatter about it, I checked it out, and then promptly checked out about 5 minutes later because all they do on camera is whine.

Another colleage of mine had the unfortunate experience of being on the same Southwest flight as they were going to Las Vegas, and not only did they delay the plane, but they were intoxicated, combative, and Khloe needed about 6 airsick bags...all before takeoff.

Absolute $h!shows, all of them. Kim's very beautiful, though.

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Y'all don't like Khloe's cinnamon rolls? Kim is hot because of that endless tushie buffet. But Khloe's ocean has lots more to surf.

Catherine Bell, now there is another Armenian that is samokin.

Ah, forgot about her..thought she was Persian. Agreed, quite hot..

Speaking of CBS actresses, I'm fond of Sofia Milos that has been occasionally in CSI Miami (and memorably on one episode of the Sopranos a few years ago)...Greek-Italian.

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I brought mine out for the House season premier.... it'll stay turned off till next week's episode.

House looks like it's going to be pretty interesting this season. House, The Simpsons, Top Gear, and the current F1 season are the only things I'm actively watching these days...tiVo them and catch up on the weekends..otherwise, I'm watching DVDs and the news occasionally. Sometimes it seems not worthwhile to have cable at all...really only watch a few programs from 5-6 channels at most it seems.

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After thinking about all the woman, they are all beautiful in their own special way, but the one that really stands out is Kim. Totally a Venus Goddess. Her latest beach pictures are just amazing! :mind-blowing:

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Kim got famous because of the big butt. but this photo is veryyyyyy nice......

She does have quite the incredible butt. Other women in recent years with big butts I noticed were J. Lo and Vida Guerra (from Speed Channel's Low Life)...nice and curvy all over.

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