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Choppin Competition 2 - Chevy Nomad!


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Welcome to Choppin' Competition 2!

Your task is to chop the photo provided below in any way you want. Change the wheels, background, etc.

Please resize your chop to 768 x 488 pixels.

All entries should be submitted by Saturday, September 3rd, as no entries will be excepted after 12:01 AM EST on Sunday, Septemeber 4th.

The picture to chop is below (click thumbnail for larger image):

Posted Image

For anyone who doesn't want the pic that big can use this pic that is about 1/3 the size (click thumbnail for larger image):

Posted Image

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lmao nos, common man, wait did u look at the tutorial video and donor CF pic i showed you, cus that will inprove ur CF skills to almost realistc, really thats what i did. B4 that i used some retarded pattern which made my car look like sh*t, but jus look at the turotial, n if u find how to do it ur set. trust me http://www.cheersandgears.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/AH-HA_wink.gif
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The mirrors? ...I didn't even touch the mirrors. :P


yea i guess u didnt, i just compared the two and they look the same but the first time i looked that the pic of urs they looked super small for some reason
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This car is simply so incredible that it is hard to improve on it. The grill and general look of it is based strongly on the original 50's concept. I'd like to see someone make a Pontiac 'Safari' out of it....you know, graft a Solstice front end on it, put on Solstice mirrors, the front side fender scallop....I tried and it, but I'm working with a touch pad...not refined enough...but the concept looks good...I'm not real good with chopping so hope someone else will do it. TOXIC, you are very good technically with chopping...hint..hint.
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