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Thanksgiving Holidays


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The Thanksgiving holiday is but a few days away. Our family has been asked over for dinner by some friends from California, also living out of state, but in a city about 45 miles away. The obligatory shopping and doing of chores will take place on Friday and Saturday, and maybe there will be some time to drive around some quiet scenery to relax and get away.

Hope everyone will have a nice Thanksgiving.

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Thank you sir. Going to North Carolina to see my folks.

Last night my son's Boy Scout troup fixed all of the families of the boys a HUGE thanksgiving feast of all kinds of good stuff. Even the pies were made from scratch...

The Turkey's were smoked...really one of the best thanksgiving meals I've had!

Also getting together with my car club buddies. Bunch of us from the Buckeye Miata Club got together for a Thanksgiving/OSU vs. Michigan Party. Had a LOT of fun.


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Nice quiet week w/ family this week. I'm working Mon and Tues, taking the rest of the week off--Mom is flying in from Ohio Wed. Eat and relax, play w/ the dogs and probably drive up north to do some sight-seeing later in the week.

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In Belgium today and tomorrow. Leaving Frankfurt tomorrow night and heading for Oz with my Mrs. in tow. I have leased a house there and I assume we will spend our 1st Thanksgiving getting our new house ready for Christmas. Not sure how many Americans are in Oz, but I assume we will not be the only ones celebrating. This will also be our 1st Thanksgiving away from our daughter who is away at school. Summer starts next month, so we are having a Christmas BBQ and pool party for some of our friends in Oz, should be fun ...

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Up until last year, I always spent Thanksgiving at my dad's, but my brother had to work last year, so I cooked my own dinner and spent the day alone, then joined family for a turkey dinner on the weekend after. Same this year, looks like, except instead of weekend dinner at dad's, I will be driving to my bro's mountain cabin for the weekend to join family for dinner up there. Blah, I wish I had someone to spend the actual holiday with.

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Heading to Punxsutawney, PA, where basically every single person that makes up the rest of the family still lives, sometime mid this week, then back to Delaware Sunday. Staying with the grandparents, as always, and I anxiously await my cot in a cold upstairs room in their old brick house in town, and then on Thursday morning "get the card table" for, yes, the kiddies who are now 20+ that show up (me included) to sit at & try to talk or not about something as we eat.

Every year the weather forecast is almost identical, and this year had the guaranteed spit of snow on Friday/Sunday, but as of yesterday said just sunny and a 1 day chance of flurry...fingers crossed! 'Ole G8 doesn't deserve the full onslaught of even a short trek in western PA muck. Last year one road alone turned my white Malibu into dark brown, chipped my wheels and put 18 chips in my new white paint...

Yay, Thanksgiving.

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Back from my Wednesday-Sunday trip...oh western PA and its filth. What the poor G8 looked like upon arrival, but not for too long after.


Some other sites along the way:




And lest I forget the old B&W Hard Rock, Cocoa & Joe Christmas commercials that play on a local NBC station back in PA:



Hope everyone else had a great or at least relaxing time! Ah, to reality and on a Monday to boot...

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