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Been a couple weeks since I was around, thought I'd share my whereabouts.

My family bought a "new" house finally, and so the last few weeks have been working on getting it ready to move in to. Check and fix water leaks, clean, paint, etc.

It's a multifamily home, split into three (it used to be two) The main area of the first floor is my mom's and the upstairs is where my aunt's family is moving into. The rear section of the first floor was split up some time ago and used as an office, then converted into an apartment. This is where my girlfriend and I are living. So we get our own little place out of this, which is pretty cool. A little privacy yet still being able to work on saving for our own place is nice. It's small but cozy, lots of power outlets. Been doing a lot of work, not just moving but fixing things that need to be fixed, putting new carpeted own and such.

What's also nice about this place is that the garage and driveway are nice and level, so I can finally work on the cars on level ground, yay.

I much prefer Athol to Lawrence, which was a craphole. This is a smaller town, quieter, seems more friendly. Lots to see...mountains, lakes, damns, rivers, and such. Once the streets start blossoming it should make for some fantastic photo opportunities.

Other than that, the Intrepid ticked over 200,000 miles, as I posted, and my birthday was this past Monday.

Still lots to do, fun times.

See you around.

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Congrats. New places are always fun.

You're not the only one taking a "break"- as I'm going to be posting quite a bit less the next few months myself.

working on the wife's car, preparing for the brother in laws wedding this month, helping out my MIL...oh, and I'm also looking for a new place.

Busy busy!

PS. I expect pics!thumbsup.gif

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Congratulations, DF.

I'll also be moving quite soon. I'm starting WKU in the fall, so over the next few months, I'll be hunting for an apartment in Bowling Green.

I'll keep an eye out for C7 Blue Devil mules and factory direct deals on Holley carbs.

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