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Hello C&G,

My name is Ryan and I'm a hardcore Mopar/Dodge nut with a particular weakness for the 1996-1999 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight and LSS.

I'm no stranger to forums, and one of the staff members here, Dodgefan, is a friend of mine from a forum where I am a staff member, LHForums.net, which covers the Dodge Intrepid/Chrysler Concorde/Chrysler LHS/Chrysler 300M/and the Eagle Vision. I own two Dodge Intrepids with a ton of mods done to each of them.

However, I'm not here to talk about Mopars or my Intrepids, I'm here to talk about my Olds and my particular love for the Eighty Eight.

My 1999 Olds Eighty Eight LS is my winter warrior, and with 174k miles on the body and tranny (its on its second 3800) it has served me quite well.

Recently, the car was hit in the driver's QP and was ruled totaled yesterday.

I'm continuing to drive it, but I don't think it is long for this world, as its finally getting to the point where paying to have it fixed wouldn't be worth it. Between the mileage, the dents, the wear, and the rust, the car is probably close to the end of its life.

My insurance company has agreed to give me a pretty nice sum for it, so I'm in the market for another one, which brought me to your wonderful forum.

Dodgefan has wanted me to sign up here for ages, and I put it off, mostly because I'm a busy college senior heading to law school next year with forum responsibilities on LHF.

Therefore, you probably won't see me around as the most active member ever, but I still wanted to say hello.

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I like how you made the word HARDCORE in blue AND bold. :smilewide:

All joking aside, welcome. I'm sure you've heard many stories about me.... they're all lies.

Except for the one about the Menage a Trois with Drew Barrymore and Melissa Gilbert.

That $h! really happened.

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Well, I figured somebody would realize it was directed to the Mopar Blue blood that runs in my veins!

Great - any more Mopar nuts and we're going to start having transmission problems.

j/k - welcome to C&G. :D

Its ok. My mom's 2000 Grand Prix GT had enough transmission problems for all of us put together, and several other forums as well! ;)

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