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My Mostly Mopar Fleet


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Alright, well there are many more stories, mod lists, and information to go with these pictures, but I figured I would share the basics of my fleet.

People always give me crap for how large it is, with me being a 22 year old kid and all...

In order of age:

1969 Dodge Coronet 440 - original 318 powered, just bought it in September, my dream car:


1974 Dodge Dart Swinger - original 318 powered, Father/Son Resto project with my dad, almost ready for original Mopar F6 green paint:


1999 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight LS - The Olds - This was right when I first got it, when I had a set of Chrysler 300M alloys on it. Now its got a set of LSS wheels instead:


2001 Dodge Intrepid SE - I paid $300 for this car, the kid thought the 2.7L V6 was blown, just needed a new harmonic balancer:


2002 Dodge Intrepid ES - My first car, bought it when I was 16, Original 3.5 upgraded to a 300M Special High Output motor, TONS of mods, including the Dodge Magnum SRT8 20s:


Well, there you have it, my fleet.

I told you I was a little Mopar crazy... :D

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That last Intrepid I think I've seen somewhere before ...

Interesting fleet. Who would have thought an Olds 88 has the same bolt pattern as a 300M?

22? Five cars? Damn. I'm 20 and I've only managed to keep two cars since I've had my license. Care to donate a car to my fleet?

I'm a member of several different automotive forums and have posted about the car on them.

Probably the one where they've followed the car (the Intrepid ES) the closest is on TaurusCarClub.org.

The Olds has a 5x115 BP and the 300M has a 5x114.3 BP, so the wheels went on with no problems. Torqued the lugs down properly "In a pentastar" as I always say, and went on my way. They looked really nice, but the tires were too big and rubbed on the back fenders. (Granted, it didn't help that the rear suspension was worn something fierce)

Nice cars...loving the old mopar and the olds...

Thank you!

I've managed up to 4 cars at one time, but that meant half of them weren't on the road. Currently have 2, but I always find myself itching to add another.

Yeah the Intrepids spend a lot of time off the road. The Olds is in my grandfather's name but he has given it to me. He replaced it with a 2007 Pearl White Lucerne CXS.

those 20" wheels in the INtrepid are fantastic.

Why thank you! I must agree with you myself! :D

My first car was a Coronet, and I've always had a soft spot for Mopars.

Seems you have the same car disease that I do.

By 22, I had already had at least a dozen cars.

Yeah, I get a LOT of $h! for it, but I work my ass off to pay for them/the mods I do to them/my college expenses.

With all the time I spend working my butt off in school, my cars are my nightly/weekend/summer release.

Nothing makes me happier than grabbing a wrench and banging my knuckles for a couple of hours, and having multiple cars on which to do so makes things even more interesting.

I'm really itching to finish the Dart's resto so I can get going on my Coronet. I'm going to fix the rust first, then go hog wild with a pro-touring style resto-mod on it, complete with a 6.4L Hemi and some supercharger whine.

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You sound like you've got a good head on your shoulders, Mr Eyez. All that wrenchin' keeps you out of trouble, eh? I like that little Dart, how many model years did that basic bodystyle run... I am guessing circa '71-'75? Prolly wrong tho.

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That basic bodystyle actually ran from 67-76, Mr. blu.

However, the 73-76 all look pretty much like that specific car, though with some minor changes each year. (grilles, tail panels, etc, the way the Big 3 used to do it)

Its a fun car. It isn't as widely loved as the Coronet, but I like it a lot and it gets me in at the local car shows. Someday I'd like to get a little crazy with it as well, perhaps some 5.7L Hemi power, but we'll see.

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Yeah the Intrepids spend a lot of time off the road. The Olds is in my grandfather's name but he has given it to me. He replaced it with a 2007 Pearl White Lucerne CXS.

Even with just my two cars, I drive one 90% of the time, notably due to the CRX's immensely better fuel economy over my Golf. However, with winter coming in full force, I may have to switch those percentages around.

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Sweet cars...will have to send the Coronet shots to dad. Infatuated with them, as he currently rebuilds his 4th, a 1968 440 Coronet.

I'm 24 and now on car #6. Variety is great.

I'd love to see pictures of it. I love them very much myself. I've wanted a 69 my whole life, and well, now I've got one.

Feel free to direct him here, to the Coronet's section of my photobucket:


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