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Quick Quiz

Drew Dowdell

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What do the Ford Fiesta, Chevrolet Camaro, Infiniti Q50, Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG, Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe, and Toyota Yaris all have in common?


When you get that one, you'll get the answer to this one also..


What do the Aston Martin DB9 and Scion iQ have in common?


Ready for a 3rd?


What do the Chevrolet Sonic, Buick Regal, Lexus LS460, and Bentely Mulsanne have in common?


Assume 2015 models for all of the above.

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You first one may be true, but not what I'm going for.


you're getting very slightly warmer with your second one.


I'll put it another way - Each car in each group shares a trait with the other cars in that group.  When you figure out what the trait is for one group, you'll figure out the how the other groups relate to each other as well.   I'm having a hard time giving hints without giving it away.

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My guess is all have satellite radio and they probably all have a Nav system, even the Yaris probably offers those.


The 3rd group has increasing buyer age, Regal buyers are older than Sonic buyers, Ls460 buyers are even older and Mulsanne buyers are were alive when King Edward was in power.

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They are all using the Google NAV system as a standard rather than their own in house built mess.


The other Item is if memory serves me correct, they are all Rebadge jobs of existing auto's.

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The first group are all built on a platform shared with another vehicle, Fiesta/Mazda2, Camaro/Holden Commodore, Q50/G37, CLS/E-class, Phantom Coupe/Phantom sedan and 7-series, Yaris/Vitz.


The Aston Martin name and grill was used on a Scion iQ to make the Cygnet, so they don't share a platform, but share a badge.

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Sorry, I have no idea here.

Interesting! My hunch was that you would be the one to get it as we've had a discussion on here about it.

I'll give another hint: It is not at all obvious that these groups share their respective trait, in fact, if you gave the random person on the street these lists and told them what the trait was, they would think you were crazy.

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