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Is this the new Civic 5-door?


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Ran across this on a Honda U.K. preview site.  Doesn't look too bad, imo, although I wish a 2-door hatch were coming as well.  I think the coupe looks too weird in a lot of areas.  Click on it to make it big enough to study.  Hopefully it is not a photoshop.




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Apparently the hatch coming to the US..  Honda seems to have stuck w/ only boring trunked Civics here for a decade or so...


Edit: found this article on R&T, with lots of pics of the Euro spec model http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/g6191/this-is-the-euro-honda-civic-thats-headed-to-america/

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After seeing it in person, the new Civic is damn ugly. I don't care how good the thing drives, the looks are a deal breaker.



^ Yeah I saw one driving this past weekend... I completely agree. 



Yes they are flooding the dealer lots and are freaking ugly.


I have to disagree. Seeing it in person, inside and out, the car just looks a class above everything else in the segment. Even in lower trims, it looks like a more expensive car than it really is. If I had to levy one complaint, it would be that in the body looks a bit big for the largest wheels Honda offers. It could use a nice set of 18's or 19's to really perfect the look. 




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I think it looks pretty decent, makes most other compacts look cheap.  Similar to when the 2006 Civic arrived.

It does look big for a compact, like the Jetta.

Hopefully the hatchback model comes with some Fit-like interior tricks for cargo.

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