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Ultimate Dream Garage: 200-299 HP Edition

Frisky Dingo

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Alright, we're moving on. For us guys who really like the smaller stuff and cars with that 'point and squirt' vibe, this one may cause some headaches. There is an absolute plethora of fantastic cars in this range that will surely make it difficult to narrow down a list. In terms of sheer driver's cars, this may very well be the most stacked bracket we will be working with. Have fun!


1) Max of 5 choices.

2) Must be production units.

3) These are your only vehicles.

4) Any era and market is allowed.

5) Cars MUST have AT LEAST 200 HP, but NO MORE THAN 299 HP. As rated by the MFR.

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Tried to not make all of these things I usually choose haha. 


16 Beetle R-Line 6 speed SEL (love my bug, but this has slightly more HP, better tuned suspension, sunroof, lighting package etc that mine is missing).  17 was out of the question because of no manual and I don't care for the new black cladding on the R-Line.  210 HP


Grand Cherokee Trailhawk diesel 240 HP


2005 Impala SS 240 HP.  Just because I have a soft spot for these


2004 SRT4  230HP


1992 Spirit R/T 224 HP


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Well I think I have my list..

Golf R: 292hp/280tq


2004 Mustang GT 5spd: 260hp/302tq


Exige Matte Black Limited Edition: 257hp


ATS or CTS 2.0T: 272hp or 268hp(I think I might want the larger car and I can get it in the highest trim level so it'd be all fancy n sht... but I love the small nature of the ATS too..)


Range Rover Sport 3.0 Diesel: 254hp/443tq


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Im having a rough time with this.

1.  1974 Pontiac Trans Am

Why 1974. Because she was rated at 290 HP with the 455 SD as the 1973 is rated above the cut off point. The 1977-1979 Trans Ams barely made 200.  Its kind of a blur but I still get to have a 455 big block V8 with 290 horsies...I get the pre-catalytic converter mess too  and while the shaker hood was not functional, I  could remove the back plate easily...


2. 1994-1996 Chevrolet Impala SS. 260 Horsepower.


3. E39 BMW 540i

4.4 V8 rated between 282 and 291 HP. Saw one the other day in mint condition and I wanted it so bad!!! (you did not read that last part)





4. 1st generation Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0 V8 250 HP



5. 1987 Buick Grand National GNX

Rated at 276 HP



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@oldshurst442 I need that GNX in my lineup! I thought about it for just a second and thought it had to have 3xx hp. That's what I get for assuming...

i actually saw what had to have been one today because it was suuuper clean, while I was driving. Made me want to whip a u-turn and follow it for a bit with my mouth wide open drooling. 

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On 11/18/2016 at 3:35 PM, Stew said:

With the exception of the trailhawk I was trying to think of things nobody else would choose.  I could literally drive myself nuts in this bracket lol. 

I agree. I really liked your list, btw.

OK, so we have beaten this bracket to death in terms of the same cars over and over...

4 cars I am most thinking of to replace the Jetta...



Focus ST

Civic SI.

Going to copy Olds on the Buick GNX...might also take a grand national.

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12 minutes ago, Frisky Dingo said:

@ykX That's a fantastic list, man.

One of the best to date...it puts my list to shame...love the subie and the Alfa!

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