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Two Manufacturers - Two Cars


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Slow right now at my work and slow on the forum so I figured I start something fun similar to what we did last year.


1. You have to pick TWO car manufacturers: ONE is your favorite, the one you will most likely buy a vehicle from and the SECOND is your least favorite, one that you are least likely to buy from.


2. Pick TWO vehicles from EACH car manufacturer: daily driver and fun/weekend/utility car or truck.

Please be honest in your choices to make it harder and more fun.

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Cadillac as my favorite. CTS-V in Red with Ebony interior and the works.. fully loaded. Best of every world except snowy days.

Escalade for my everyday. I mean come on.. I love my Yukon but the Escalade should have been available when I went to purchase. All the had was ESVs

Least favorite is always Toyota.. altho Hyundai is close.

Lexus  RC Coupe I guess. Its ok to drive but ugly as shit

The Lexus LX for utility. 

honestly the Toyota's didn't get me excited at all.. in fact.. if I had an erection after talking about the Caddys.. its soft as a pack of mayonnaise thinking about those ugly muthafuckas.

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Mmmmm This sounds fun!

Saying "favorite" is difficult to me though because I think I'm pro-Ford because I don't have a ton of money. Otherwise I would likely be all up Mercedes ass with RWD V8s still hanging around in most of their cars.

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I dont have a favorite auto manufacturer per se.

GM fits as closely as the criteria suggests. However, General Motors is a company with many brands...past brands too. I was more of an Oldsmobile guy and a Pontiac guy...

Pontiac for the affordable go fast stuff and Oldsmobile for the luxury stuff. Yes, Oldsmobile more so than Cadillac. Cadillac is royalty, its the 1%er crowd. Im a blue collar guy. I work hard for my money, I got some money, OK, Ive managed to make a ton of it, but in no way Im spending it on a  car. Id rather a nice luxurious middle class car rather than stinkin' rich high class car. Id rather do other foolish things with my money. Its not as if my money works for me, I still have to be careful with my cash flows...

Problem is, Oldsmobile is no longer. Buick has not quite seduced me the way Oldsmobile always has, and Cadillac is just waaay too rich for my skin. Id rather an Impala or new 2017 Lacrosse over an ATS, but there are other manufacturers in that price range for me to consider...but 1 car from Acura or any other brand does not really constitute a favorite brand now does it?

So...Ill pick  Dodge to replace Pontiac and Buick to replace Oldsmobile. I do drive an Acura TL SH-AWD currently but the TLX does nothing for me.

I think Toyota/Lexus is my least favorite car manufacturer ever.

So...for my affordable go fast muscle car needs.

Related image

For my luxury car needs

Image result for 2017 buick lacrosse

Or the next generation Regal   Image result for 2017 opel insignia



Image result for lexus rcf vs isf

And that is it...

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All the thanx for making a new fun thread.

Porsche is obviously my favorite. Least favorite is a rather hard choice. Hyundai, Lincoln, Kia, Nissan, Acura all spring to mind as front-runners.



Oh, and do these have to be new vehicles?


And one driver, and one toy/tracker from each brand?

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Well I think I'll go with Ford as my favorite(although if I was very wealthy I would only consider these two anyway) brand.



Single brand that I don't like.. I wish I could say Toyota but I've always liked the Tacoma and they've had some gnarly of road shet. Therefore I won't lie to sneak a Taco and Land Cruiser into my garage. Nissan on the other hand.. Hate'm. Nothing Nissan makes me want to even give them a second look. My first instinct was to say FCA as a whole because I hate it so much that they're just letting great brands just rot away.

Well, the two Nissan POS's I'll go with are...

GT-R(Honestly, completely forgot about the GT-R because it doesn't really do a whole lot for me but I'd say I scored a big win for a brand I hate so much).

I'm torn between the Armada as a people and thing hauler or the Maxima just because it isn't a 7 ton shetty SUV and I don't want to HAVE to take the Raptor everywhere. I guess an Armada in Platinum trim as to be fairly nice, right?

SHET! After I typed all of that I forgot about the GT! I know the monetary value of a GT over a GT350 is insane but I honestly think I'd just want to be able to drive the car without worrying about anything.. so the GT350R is for me.





Ford GT 3.jpg

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I'll do another because I tend to love Mercedes quite a bit.. and hate KIA. Possibly more so after looking at their site for two vehicles.

I'm pretty confident I would ball out in an AMG GT and a CLS63 S


The KIAs on the other hand.. uhhhh.. I think the Optima looks pretty good and I guess a Sorento for space.




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My go to brand - Cadillac

CT6 AWD 3.0L TT Deep Amethyst Metallic since there is no v edition yet.


And my always trusty 2017 Escalade ESV 4WD Deep Amethyst Metallic Platinum edition.


Mitsubishi as I think the company just needs to die.

My two picks, Lancer Evolution


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I think I have decided that Nissan is currently my least favorite brand. I don't think any other brand has as much history and potential, but completely squanders it. The brand that brought us Skylines, Silvias, Fairladies, hi-po Pulsars, the Hardbody, and numerous other fantastic automobiles has reduced itself to peddling humdrum CVT appliances. I mostly blame them for the prevalence of CVT's on the market today. They neglect their sports car line. They refuse to make fresh, innovating new product. They have little participation in motorsports. 

So my two choices from them would be-


Armada Platinum





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OK...Ill do another as well.

More legit this time around.

I was looking at my scale 1:18 die cast car collection, and I realized that I have more GM cars than any other brand. More importantly, Chevrolet seems to dominate all GM brands in my collection.

So I will do Chevrolet as my favorite.

Ill pick the SS as my affordable muscle car machine.

Related image

And the Impala LTZ midnight edition as my luxury sedan needs.

Image result for 2016 impala ltz midnight edition

Since I live in Canada, and the SS is not available to me, I could always choose a Vette, but Inaint a Vette kinda guy, so Ill have to go retro on you all...a restomod of some sorts.

We might as well keep it everything Impala. The SS is a Caprice in other parts of the world, and the Caprice was the luxury version of the platform while the Impala was the sporty version...

Image result for 1967 chevrolet Impala restomod


And the one brand that I hate the most, even more so than Toyota...its gotta be SAAB. But SAAB does no longer exist. Its still SAAB. There are a few Toyotas that I LOVE. There is not one bloody SAAB that I like. I hate them all!!! Even when GM owned them. ESPECIALLY when GM owned them!!!

Here is one SAAB I would love to own.

Related image

Here is another.

I hate SUVs, but this one is really an Oldsmobile Bravada

Related image


And I will do a legit car entry.

SAAB 9-5

I heard it was a very good car...

Image result for saab 9-5

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This is an impossible task so I will just go on what I am feeling right now. 


Favorite:  Jeep.  Just love their designs and capabilities.

Daily;  Grand Cherokee Trailhawk hemi


Toy:  Wrangler Rubicon Hardrock 2 door


Least Favorite:  Subaru.  I hate the fact that they are using CVTs in everything now.  i sucks for performance and really sucks off-road.

Daily:  Outback 3.6 limited


Fun: 2018  WRX STi



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Ill do another and this time it will be 100% legit. Not 99.95% legit.

The whole 100%

All new vehicles.

2 from each brand that are produced currently.


We will stick to Buick for the favorites.

Cadillac. We will do Cadillac as my favorite. (Hey...its GM, and GM is my favorite car manufacturer.)

The CTS-V and the CT6 platinum TTV6...

Image result for cts v

Image result for CT6 TTv6


And my worst brand.




Related image


And M6 Grand Coupe

Image result for 2016 bmw m6 Gran Coupe

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