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Mercedez Benz News Rumorpile: Mercedes EQ S Will Be First Model To Use A Dedicated EV Platform

William Maley

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Mercedes' is planning to have 10 fully-electric models by 2022 - a mix of electric models for current nameplates and new models as part of the EQ family. We've already seen the EQ C crossover and the EQ A hatchback is waiting in the wings. A new report from Autocar has revealed some details on the EQ S, the flagship model of the EQ family.

The EQ S is expected to launch in 2020 and be first model to use a dedicated EV platform. Known as MEA2, the platform features a lot of aluminum and is designed with a fully flat floor. The EQ C and and EQ A use modified versions of current Mercedes models: MQ C uses a variation of the GLC's platform, and the EQ A will be based on a revised version of the A-Class platform. 

According to source, the EQ S will slot between the E and S-Class, and be similar in size to the CLS-Class. The EQ S will have a "shorter bonnet and ultra-short overhangs" to help maximize interior space.

Power is expected to come from a dual-motor layout - one mounted on each axle. The EQ C has a similar layout and produces 402 horsepower and 564 pound-feet of torque. We would expect something similar for the EQ S.

Source: Autocar

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They can make a better EV if it is on a dedicated EV platform, then they can get more space inside and have a flat floor, rather than something with a transmission and exhaust tunnel.  Plus you get a front trunk for whatever that is worth, the EQ C doesn't have that.  

I think at some point the lines will merge when there is no more gasoline car.  I could see the 2027 the S-class becoming EV only, and then phase out the EQ S at the same time.  Unless that doesn't happen until the 2030s.

What needs to happen is the AMG version of these electric cars.

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