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$106K Buick... and climbing


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They had an undriven GNX like that at the local dealer, Car2NV, where I bought the Mini about ten years or so ago. Neat, thanks for sharing.

They also had a pre production prototype GNX that went to an automotive tech school in Indiana....GM eventually made them crush it.

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I always liked the GNX and GN....had a buddy in high school w/ an '87 GN that he totaled right before graduation in '88.    A neighbor down the street has an '87 GN up on jack stands in his garage and a Lincoln Mk VII LSC in the driveway that hasn't moved in the two years I've been here.  Will have to stroll over and talk cars w/ him sometime. 

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If I was a millionaire/billionaire playboy, Id make an incredibly high offer for it and buy it.

Then...Id drive it. 

Of course I wouldnt be driving it in Montreal. Cold weather, ice, snow, salt, potholes...

Id be putting the miles on it it someplace dry and warm. Like maybe Arizona or Nevada or California. But yeah...Id definitely would pile on those miles. Cars are meant to be driven, and Id be driving it. 

A reader's comment: (which I do not agree with)


  Yes, I know for a fact that you can love a car just by having it, looking at it, and sitting by it. I have a colleague who does just that after being disabled.


Not all cars need to be driven to be appreciated, just like all antique guns don’t need to be fired. Time-capsule cars like this are extremely rare and have their place in the automotive universe. That’s why we have museums full of cars, to protect and preserve what we will never see again in our autonomous future.

 yes. All cars are meant to be driven.  Its a shame if one is able bodied to do so and NOT enjoy the true nature of a beast like this. 

I got a diecast scale 1/18 of a GNX.  I see the beauty of it everyday in my display case.  (along with the other 73 cars I have). But to truly enjoy this thing, I HAVE to drive it, to really truly experience it to enjoy it. I mean, those Buick and McLaren engineers built this thing for one specific reason, and that reason was to drive the shyte out of it...not to look at it in a museum. But to rip the rear tires to shreds to embarrass Corvettes and Mustangs and anything else that dared to get in its way...


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I love 'em, I've ridden in them back in the day, like the interior..typical mid 80s G body inside.   The cars, music,  movies and TV of the 80s were a big part of my youth, still find it a fascinating era.  I really want to go to one of the RADwood events that celebrate 80s and 90s cars.

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18 hours ago, balthazar said:

I grew up in that era too.
Mid '70s thru the 80s = the Spam of the steak world.

Then the 90's and 2000's are largely the reconstituted dogfood of the steak world. 

Give me a 75 Olds 98 or a 2018 Cadillac CTS-V....not all but an awful lot of what is between is happily crushed and recycled.

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