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    William Maley

    CES 2015: Ford CEO Predicts Driverless Cars On the Road In Five Years

      Ford's CEO Sees A Driverless Car In Public Hands In Five Years.. Given Laws and Insurance Regulations Catch Up

    The dream of the autonomous car on public roads could be closer than many of us think. Ford's CEO Mark Fields told analysts and reporters on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show that he could see an automaker release a self-driving vehicle to the public within five years.

    “Fully autonomous vehicles are a real possibility,” said Fields. “Probably, in the next five years, you’ll see somebody introduce autonomous vehicles.”

    Audi demonstrated how far we have come in self-driving tech by having an Audi A7 equipped with the latest tech to drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on its own. The vehicle was able to do 560 mile trip with no problem.

    But while technology is here, there are still a number of obstacles that automakers have to overcome with self-driving cars, such as laws and insurance details.

    Source: Bloomberg

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    This could be hell on the roads as these auto's just sit in the left lanes doing perfect 60 rather than staying to the right and letting us that love to drive even if it is considered defensive aggressive with performance auto's have our fun. Going to be an interesting world when they get here.

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    This could be hell on the roads as these auto's just sit in the left lanes doing perfect 60 rather than staying to the right and letting us that love to drive even if it is considered defensive aggressive with performance auto's have our fun. Going to be an interesting world when they get here.


    i'm sure the algorithm will tell the car to keep right except to pass.


    Albert loves the idea... but he already has a self driving car.  He gets in the car and tells me where to go. 

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    I think it may work, but the car would have to be monitored and checked if it can brake and will it be like the Google car which drives it self and you tell it which way you want to go or place you want to enter and it does it. I think it will take over driving for people who get tired in the road can even pick your kids and and people you don't have time to one day which would be good and save time and it would be a good concept for us to have. I wander what the costs would be, the auto industry may suffer as there would not be alot of repairs to do in the car since it is being driven itself and may consume less petrol which will be good.

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