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    Dodge Rampage?

    I remember someone in my family having it once it was many years ago and, it ran real well and was good on petrol as the prices were lower at the time and was cheap on parts which did not cost a lot to buy for it. It was a good vehicle and, there was some issues with heating that was due to the radiator hose coming off so that's why it occurred and was time to replace the hose itself. The person had it for couple of years than decided to get a updated one which was a good price and, good for long drives and good to take the family in it.
  2. I reckon that, the Android system may help the driver when they tired and use that to control the car so relvies them and can relax that would be cool if they made the system that way and does the work for you. Some cars already have the internet in them which would be good just use the screen in the car while parked or have the passenger use it while you are driving the car and search for what you want or check the emails. Technology has improved and also, has gotten advanced as new cars come out and it may even have more feautres in the car we don't know yet.
  3. It is good they have fixed the problems and have made a good effort in doing so and still need to fix the ones that are still being drivien in the road the switch may not work and not turn off when the driver wants too. There have been deaths due to this, as the switch was faulty while driving and causing accidents and this needs to be fully resolved othewise more will happen and damage the company. There is a lot to do and will take time to make sure every car is fixed and also, all defects are gone and people can have trust in the conmpany and know it is reliable.
  4. The design looks real nice and, also it is a 1.4 litre so has a smaller engine and would cost less petrol depending on what the prices are and how the oil prices are going which at the moment is lower so means cheaper petrol. It could come in other colors blue is alright and, is going to be good for family as it is big enough and comfrotable to sit in and drive around which shows how the makers used time and money wisely when making this. I wander how much would it cost as it is released may cost more but, may go lower at car yards or may even get a bargain when buying or discount.
  5. I reckon it is a good concept, that the company is doing in building a electric car which may be good for car buyers and may be a future of driving cars and save money in fuel ad running costs. I think all we would have ,to do is charge the battery and it is good to go and would need to be tested on how far it can go and is it good for the city area and what flaws are in the system. I think the cost is alright, could go down and would have to know the running costs and how long a battery lasts before buying this sort of car.
  6. I think a change has been needed, and may cost less in parts when going for repairs as sometimes these cars can cost more in parts than the auctual labour work that goes into fixing the car and should happen this year when the new cars get built with smaller engines and maybe just at 2 liter or just under would be good. The technology should be advanced and improved and made better with a 2litre no need to make it any higher than it is needed as in the article it is not as popular as it used to be as well. I know someone who owns a subaru think it is a 2.5 litre and has a big engine does consume petrol more when driving in town and going up the hill where he lives so a change is needed.
  7. I enjoy the v8 car races in New Zealand and they bring a lot of money in for local business people and also people get together and have a good time which is shown how the seats can get packed and hearing people enjoying the races and cheering the drivers on. I like the hot and cold drinks served their and, how it makes it more enjoyable when watching the races and sitting with friends and family makes it more enjoyable and drinking a cold drink and having a pie or hotdog is real nice. The races are enjoyable at the events but can cost more, which can put some people from going and just watching it online or when it comes on the televison and enjoying it from the comfort of their bedroom.
  8. I think it may happen in 10 years time since, the google cars are still being tested and also will take time to be on the road and will need to see if the car has any defects which it may when it releases and how it drvies and how it is controlled will need to be known. I think the cost should be relaistic if they are looking for average buyer, if is for someone who can afford it than many people will miss out on buying the car but may have test drive and see how it is and buy it when the value is lower and price is something they can afford. I think they may work with car makers and join hands to build the cars as doing it on their own, may find problems when fixing them and the car makers can supply the parts and discuss the costs it will take.
  9. I remember this car, I did not own one but knew people who did and was easy on petrol and had good steering and it had a nice look and was good to drive in and even gong on long road trips it was suitable and for going up the hills and did not use a lot of petrol which was good to see. The price for these cars was good and not over the top otherwise it would have been hard to sell in the stores and just take space and not be sold and lose value over the time it stays there. It had a small engine and was alright for people who wanted to fix their own cars as opening the parts was not complicated unlike nowadyas where a garage has to do it otherwise you could do more harm than good if you do not know what you are doing.
  10. I would let my children do it if they know about safety and are responsible and know how to follow the rules and have fun as well, and know how to drive the go karts in a way it will not harm others or cause any damage when driving. I would make sure, they are doing well in school and keeping up with passing the class or the course work than they can do this I would not want this to distract them from school. I would go to the events with family, to show that we support them and that will give for motivation to do it.
  11. I think some people may change their habits when driving, and try and get more things done at once than driving around for just one shop and cost more petrol that way. Since petrol prices can change and may need to keep a eye on how much they use and, be careful when driving and lower speed in town and try to save fuel and try and get discounts when filling up at stations. Some people may buy cars which, are fuel efficient and, use less petrol and good to drive around town and also good for long trips and would consume less when driving.
  12. I reckon giving it a different color will get customers to buy it and like the look as having a vehicle which does not look nice to look at will maybe make the driver not enjoy the experience of driving the car in the first place. Giving it a good look is what will attract the customers and also, selling it at a reasonable price will get the vehicles sold and not sitting in the store and losing the value if it is priced too high.I think it is a good thing the company is doing have a color change is good and will work out if it is well done and the finish looks good and the people are happy when buying it and will enjoy it.
  13. I think it may work, but the car would have to be monitored and checked if it can brake and will it be like the Google car which drives it self and you tell it which way you want to go or place you want to enter and it does it. I think it will take over driving for people who get tired in the road can even pick your kids and and people you don't have time to one day which would be good and save time and it would be a good concept for us to have. I wander what the costs would be, the auto industry may suffer as there would not be alot of repairs to do in the car since it is being driven itself and may consume less petrol which will be good.
  14. I think minor recalls should be done only if they are needed and will affect the car, as people will have to wait to get the car back they have spent money buying and miss out on driving it. Serious recalls should be entered into a system and check all cars which may have them and try and check the cars before selling them and see if it affects the car being driven on the road.Some people would have tried to sue the company if the car was faulty and, this may be the reason to avoid the fees and case that would take months and even years to solve so doing it this way is better for everyone.
  15. The company is making a good choice in reducing the cost as, putting a high price on the car will make customers look away and the cars may not sell and would sit there and dealers would have to sell at lower price than they got and not profit as much. The cars would have to have real good features like maybe dvd player in there, using your thumb to open car or start it would be real good and maybe let the car do the driving when you are tired from a hard days work. I think the lower cost is a good way, to start off the year and may get some good sales and more customers wuld come and purchase the cars if discounts given.

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