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    Drew Dowdell

    2021 Toyota RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid Coming to LA Auto Show

      ...could this become the most popular PHEV?....

    Toyota has announced that they will be bringing a new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid to the Los Angeles Auto Show this year.  The difference for this hybrid is that it will be a plug-in and it will also be more powerful. Toyota promises "spirited acceleration" in their press release.  As we get closer to the show, we'll get more details on range, power, battery size, etc. 

    The RAV4 is already the best selling crossover in the segment and that could mean that the RAV4 PHEV could end up being the most popular PHEV for sale. Globally that title currently belongs to the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. 

    Toyota has twice previously made full EV versions of the RAV4, but limited their sales primarily to California where they enjoyed limited success as "compliance vehicles" with 1,484 sold of the first generation and 2,600 copies of the 3rd generation.  There was no second generation RAV4 EV.

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    Anything that says RAV4 on it will sell.  The RAV4 hybrid outsells the Prius  and Ll other hybrids, I bet the plug-in outsells all other plug-ins also.  People love these things.  Although I bet Toyota’s definition of “spirited acceleration” is different than say Porsche’s.

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    If the regular hybrid sells 10k a month, these could sell a few thousand or more a month too, might be over 45 grand though and have very limited EV only range.  An 80 mile EV only range under 50K with a RAV4 name would do pretty damn well.






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    19 hours ago, ocnblu said:

    15% of overall RAV4 sales first half of the year.

    It’s actually closer to 20% of total RAV4 sales for the year and it also shows a 70% increase for the year over this time last year. They are selling all they can produce. I’m surprised you missed that little fact while disparaging it 😎

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