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Do you work well under pressure - time crunches?

How well do you work under stress?  

18 members have voted

  1. 1. How well do you work under stress?

    • I do my best work under stress
    • I can do it but I don't like it
    • Eh - so so
    • I don't do well - doesn't bring the best results
    • I absolutely despise it - catastrophic results

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I hate this condition but I run into it a lot, juggling a full time job and taking 2 tough classes at night. Usually, one of the two parts of my life slides a little bit and then I play catch up. I can pull a "marathon" and get it done, usually with decent results. The problem is that I almost always get sick right after making a big deadline or the end of the semester as all of the pressure lifts all at once.

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It depends what it is. If it's something I'm committed to, I'll put every ounce of energy into it and am even better under pressure. If I'm not so committed to, I can do it under pressure and it'll be done well, but not perfect.

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Working in the software business, I routinely deal with time pressure and crunches..I usually do pretty well, but I often suffer from insomnia (can't stop thinking about problems when I go home) when in a crunch, and I tend to write buggier code when I'm under a time crunch..hard to avoid in this biz.. i'm in one right now...slept very poorly last night, even though I'm on Lunesta now... I hate overtime, try and avoid it, but I've had a few 45-50 hr weeks lately..

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Pressure from a tight deadline I can tolerate.

Now, if you're talking pressure from a boss having stuff for us to do sitting on his desk for 3 months, and then waking up one day and remebering it has to be done in a couple of days, I get f-ing pissed off with that kind of pressure!

EDIT: I'm taking one 3-hour class a week on Wednesdays, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, and it is hard to juggle with a full time job. Also, I'm starting Swedish lessons in January, which will add to the hardship... But I'm taking studying as being for a good cause: my personal (and hopefully professional) advancement :AH-HA_wink:

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It depends mainly on whether or not I really enjoy the task in question. If I enjoy it and am passionate about it, I'll put in whatever is needed to get it done 100% perfect. If it's BS work, then I'll do what I can do get the job done according to my satisfaction, but others may or may not be satisfied with it.

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I never really had unreachable deadlines. Contracts were long enough. At one time I had a few on extension but that was acceptable. What I wanted to say was my self employed life was always frantic and tense, due to climate, environment and just plain hardship.........I ate it up and always said "thank you very much, may I have another !" I loved the challange, the hustle, I had that adrenelin thing always going on. I just loved it.

Today, in a different environment, around other workers, with no stimulation, I dont have it. Its best to hide it too, if I do get stimulated, I change, become overly drivin', hard to deal with, think of it as the pitbull kind of thing. It worked for my life before, today its a liability.

Back in the closet.............you........who ever you were.

I know something that was more similiar to what your talking about..........thats how I graduated highschool. I was a real F student. My report cards were nearly all red, everything but Ph.Ed and music theory....... :rolleyes: I did two summers of summer school and pulled excellent grades & Aug. Regents scores........the pressure was on. But Senior year if you want to graduate with your class, you cant wait to do the summer school thing. So all of May and early June I focused and it all seemed so easy, my yearly averages were still poor but I aced the few Regents and finals and they had to let me go.

No ! Today I am not proud of this, I now live in the reality of the end results. I just wish school had not been so unstimulating, I just hated it, fiercly.

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That is my job. If the property I'm running doesn't have it, I'm sent to someone elses to fix their issue, or training someone.

With 396 units, I have someone yelling at me on a daily basis, more work than I have time for (as we are in the middle of a bad mananger clean up), and a staff that is need of some training to keep me and the company from being sued. I love it (A.D.D. moments are what I live for :) ).

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