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Honda Accord Coupe V6


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Bad angle. Looks like a jelly bean. I'd rather have a G-6 and pocket 5 grand.
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Taurus-like taillights, G6-like profile.


Are we even looking at the same car?

Taurus in case you've forgotten:

Posted Image

They look so much alike... I don't even understand why Ford didn't sell 300k/year like the Accord.

PS The Accord was out in 2002 and the taillights are essential unchanged. The only change on the coupe tail was a new decklid and the addition of LED's. The shape of the car remains unchanged.

The new G6 coupe LOOKS LIKE AN ACCORD. Now if it only delivered the same as an Accord, I would own one.

If this were in the Pontiac stable in its current form there wouldn't be one soul on this board comlaining. Let's face it, it is a solid product that appeals to a bunch of people.
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The front looks similar, but I think the entire fascia has changed to make it less bulbous. The grill is larger and there's more of a bumper top. In back, the LED's are nice, though the entire taillight looks less interesting. Overall, not an exciting car to look at. I think the last generation Accord Coupe looked better.
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I actually own a 2004 Honda Accord coupe and I love it so far. I don't like the looks of the 2006 model. It doesn't look that much different than mine. I do wish I had the LED's though! But don't worry, I'm a huge GM fan. :) The Accord is the only big coupe that looks good, IMO. The old Monte just is too funny looking for me.
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For comparison:

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

The nose gets a more traditionally shaped grill, which a good thing, IMO. The front bumper is more square - it doesn't wrap around into the quarter panel as much, and has a more substantial chin. I don't think you can call that a chin spoiler, but I wonder if that (with the rocker sill) is not just an appearance package that will not be available on all models.

The tail, too, gets squared off and is more upright. The taillights are like the Taurus in that they wrap around to the side of the car, but the shape is not all that similar.

Overall the changes are an improvement. It's hardly a soul-stirring design, but it's inoffensive and better than the Solara, at least.


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I don't see Taurus in there at all.

That being said, stlye wise, I don't really see it as an improvement, or a step back. 
Those wheels look to be identical to the ones from the old TL/CL Type S.


Ya, they are CL Type S rims, and i too do not like them on this car. On the CL-S, they looked good! The old ones where better.

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