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Interesting Toyota Sale Tidbit

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This from a MarketWatch article about April sales.

The fact that the Japanese manufacturers turned in declines was particularly noteworthy to Lache, who said he believes Toyota doubled its sales to daily rental companies. That would make sense to fill the rental car gap left by GM, which cut its fleet sales by a third.

"We are concerned that these automakers may be following the U.S. Big Three into the trap of increasing reliance on incentives and low quality sales," he said, adding that Toyota and Honda ramped up cash back promotions while Ford cut its spending and GM held steady.

Looks like Toyota may be jonesin' to keep the Number 1 slot, no matter how much they say they aren't.


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I', up in Canada and I was so happy to see GM has increased its sales by 15.6 or something liek that since april.

It was a pretty good month in general in Canda:

"The biggest winner in Canada, by far, is Mitsubishi, with a jump of 91.1%. Other car makers that have experienced larger than average increases include Nissan (29.9%), Mazda (27%), Volkswagen (22.4%), General Motors (15.5%) and BMW (14%)."


I've heard it was a 4 year high.

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Another car company which is pushing rentals is Nissan. I see tonnes of Sentras, Altimas, and Maximas at all the rental places here in Orlando.

One of the sub contractors, who worked for the completion of one of our project had rented three Crew Cab Nissan Frontiers from Avis.

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i see no factual data, care to point it out

it would be as simple as taking a photo every day as a drive by the hertz near my house.......lately it's mostly hyundais and toyotas. always a camlee or three on that lot. the sonata is music, music for the manager of the hertz store. he knows he will never run out of cars to rent.

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