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Out of Character cars

Camino LS6

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What "gets your attention" but is completely different than what you'd normally go for?

In other words, what says "hey, I'm worth a second look", despite being a configuration you generally wouldn't consider?

I ask this because I think that is where the winners in the market are to be found.

I'm not saying that you'd necessarily follow through with a purchase of a given example, but that it engenders a level of positive respect that you can't quite deny.

An example of such a product that just barely fits this category for me is the Ford Flex - it is interesting and individual enough that I have to give it some credit.

Others are more automatic entries on my list (HHR,Solstice,Mini...)

List 'em!

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The 300C, Charger and G8 v8 models but I have no need or room for anything quite that large, would rather have CTS or slightly smaller RWD at a lower price point. Also being 5'9" and 150lbs the larger cars just make me look that much tinier.

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Mini Cooper


Also...Ford Focus...as I need at least 1 normal car, and it would be a nice domestic alternative to a Cobalt.

Chevrolet 4th gen Camaro LS1 (and Firebird of same flavor)

I liked the torino in the movie Gran Torino...nice bodystyle Ford.

Not what your looking for, but I like the pre WWII Fat Fender Chevrolet's (say 38-40 Era). Always wanted a nice SBC powered street rod based on one of these just to cruise around with my family.

And yes, Solstice and HHR are there on my list as well, Camino.

Drove a Solstice panel and was very impressed.


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...and as far as Toyota goes, second gen MR2. We used to ahve a really clean (pristine, really) red one show up to our autocrosses. Guy totaled it in November, so you can imagine my sadness when the guy showed up with a plain jane white Scion TC in its place for our last autocross.

At least my Co-driver and I had better times for 7 out of the 8 runs than the Scion.

But second gen MR2 for sure...and along with that last year Fiero would be a car I would just love to own.

But I think Camino originally wanted new cars...sorry if this is a thread derail...


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To be fair, I didn't specify old or new.

But yeah, my intent was new or at least recent.

Seems like the Mini is a really good example of what sort of car I was talking about.

Broad appeal - even beyond real intenders

Recent Audi coupes belong on my list, I think.

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- Hyundai Genesis V8

- Dodge (Neon) SRT4

- last gen. WRX STi

- Audi S4, A8/S8

- Lexus IS300 (last gen. inline-6 powered)

The Porsche 911 Carerra has always been slightly intriquing (GT is far too boy racer).

Yup... 911 is a Porsche I've always lusted after, but the GT is Nintendo-lame-O.

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