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The recent Prius ads

Camino LS6

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Anybody have a link to a video of the new Prius ad?

maybe this will make you feel better. i laugh every time.

Nice attempt by GM to belittle Honda, but I think they are forgetting about Honda's core business: motorcycles. The ad is funny, but I hate how GM is being so misleading with its advertising. It just doesn't feel very professional that they have to specifically call out individual vehicles (individual trims really) to claim a win.

The Cobalt XFE with manual gearbox is the only trim that beats the Civic (by 3 mpg highway, but 1 mpg worse city). The Civic automatic beats the Cobalt automatic by 3 on the hwy and 1 in the city, without any special/extra FE tricks. I think I've beaten this horse to death though.

No mention that the base Malibu (with 4-speed) gets worse mileage than the Accord. It is the 1LT and up (with 6-speed auto) Malibu that get better mileage. The base Accord is also less expensive than the base Malibu.

The Malibu 4cyl is rated to 169 hp, while the Accord is rated to either 177 hp or 190 hp (with the same MPG). Why don't I see Honda advertisements talking about how the V6 Accord gets substantially better mileage than the V6 Malibu (19/29 vs 17/26), while being rated to nearly 20 hp more?

Lastly the Traverse is a bright spot as it does edge out the Pilot in mileage (and power) without the need to quote selective information or be misleading.

P.S. I hate the new Chevy website. They don't seem to list all the information, or make it easy to find.

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I find them to be really disturbing. All of the scenery being composed of human beings like so many pixels just turns my stomach.

Interesting you bring it up--my friend HATES the new Prius commercials--she gets weirded out by them and turns the channel.

It's nice that she's not falling for their advertisement, but I can't get too excited, she drives an xB.

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Shiny happy people driving their Priuses in a happy sun shiny world. Paradise on earth is one message. Another is if you care about the Earth, you will drive a Prius.

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Bimmer, it's a well-know fact that Toyota products sap the very soul from their "shell of a human" drivers.:)

Actually, recent research has shown Toyota owners, and specifically Prius owners, are on average, considerably happier and 90% more self-satisfied than the average car buyer, because Toyotas are very reliable, have high resale values, are efficient and help to save the planet.


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P.S. I hate the new Chevy website. They don't seem to list all the information, or make it easy to find.

i can never get it to work myself. it only goes so far and stops.

Only on C&G can a Toyota be called "dehumanizing" as if that even makes sense.

i believe its called karoshi...

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A friend of mine (a super hippie) was raving about how much she LOVES the new Prius commercial the other day.

It makes me want to shoot the TV. But I think it's the dumbassed music that drives me up the wall, not the ad itself. But I've always known that Toyota Prius drivers are next to the right hand of god and that I'm just a real piece of sh*t for driving a GM. The media has been telling me that for years. (:D)

Remember all of those bogus "studies" that claimed import drivers to be smarter and all around better people than domestic drivers?

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