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Went for a $50 Patch


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Got boned for $1,000.

The rear right tire of the BMW had a small leak so I took it to Discount Tires. While inspecting the tires, the store personnel saw a 12-inch gash in the interior wall of the front left tire going into the steel reinforcement. I have no idea how that happened. The Bridgestone run flat that came with the car was $389 per tire, and the GoodYear F1 All Season was $201 per tire, so I decided to replace both fronts since, I hated the ride of the run flats anyways. Plus GoodYears come with 25,000 miles warranty. Yay for Z-rated tires I guess!

I went for lunch while they replaced the front tires and fixed the rear right. The guy calls me saying you need to take a look at the rear right tire (the one with the leak). Well for my luck that one too had a huge gash going from the inside wall to the middle three quarters of the tire tire tread and again the steel reinforcements were pretty much visible. So I had to replace the rear two too.

One more thing, starting Jan 1, 2010, government has started to tax extra for the tires not made in USA. I am glad the GoodYears I have proudly say MADE IN USA.

What a day!

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So does it look like you got into something or is it a tire defect?

Not a tire defect, seems like the wall of the FL tire was sheared possibly by an object and there was a definite cut on the RR tire.

BMW = Bitching Moaning and Whining

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Why'd it have runflats to begin with? I thought only E90s started having them...

My friends put them on for the third set. Apparently they did not have road side hazard assistance for the tires.

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>>"One more thing, starting Jan 1, 2010, government has started to tax extra for the tires not made in USA."<<


This must be related to the chinese junk tire fiasco, correct?

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Michelin had a tire factory 10 minutes from my house. I was checking the site out last month- seems unlikely they'll open it back up- they left in '30 and the place has gotten a bit... rough.

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