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Rumorpile - How Toyota Got It Sportyness Back

William Maley

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Rumorpile - How Toyota Got It Sportiness Back

William Maley - Editor/Reporter - CheersandGears.com

September 20, 2011


Toyota, the company best known for their best selling and boring Camry is going to their darker side. The company which has released the Lexus LFA supercar and fifteen iterations of the FT-86 concept looks to continue down with this path.

Car Magazine has learned Toyota plans on releasing a special edition LFA at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. Called the LFA Tokyo Edition, the car will have an exposed carbon fiber roof, spoiler, and a larger price tag. There was also a LFA convertible on the table but has been canned due to the economic uncertainty around the world according to sources.

Also, Toyota is busy at work on two other projects. The first one is a front wheel vehicle (possibly a CT200hF model). The other one is a return of the Supra that is currently in skunkworks. Sources says the car could appear sometime in 2014.

Source: Car Magazine

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Toyota is about as sporty as beige loafers. It hasn't gotten anything back yet.. I don't think an overpriced computer on wheels really changes anything.

Although the FT86 might...but the rest of the brand...meh...

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One un-attainable super car belonging to the luxury brand, and fifteen iterations of a vehicle that isn't even on sale yet do not qualify as 'sportiness,' nor can said sportiness be 'back' if it's not there to begin with. :P


So very true.

P.S. Hey Toyota... if there's ONE problem with the LFA it's that it's def. not that the car is too CHEAP!!!

Most any Japanese car guy I know thinks the LFA is a waste of time and money.

Who in their right mind wouldn't just buy a Corvette ZR1 AND a Nissan GT-R for that kind of money

and still have enough to also buy a Porsche 911 GT3 all while spending less than the cost of ONE

Lexus Carbon Fiber Coupe.

Also: just something to think about for Toyota & Lexus:

Yamaha, the designer & manufacturer of your LFS's motor also helped out with the 1st. & 2nd gen.

Ford Taurus SHO and they both had some pretty annoying issues.

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Agree with you Sixty Eight....

GT3 Porsche and Z06 are I thi9nk much better ownership prospects than the LFA...

Parts for cars once they pass a certain point and become unobtainium...there is a reason that the 2000 Mustang Cobra R's are all parked in private collections rather than running SCCA weekends and the like...Ford made very few spare parts for these cars....and so they gather dust rather than entering Combat.

The same will be true of the LFA. Meanwhile...Sixty Eight will be an old man crouched over with a cane from his many years of busting his butt at UPS, attending a vintage race...and watching his daughter Sofia cheer on her Husband and son as they compete with a vintage 2012 Z06...

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