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I'm Texas8709, Tex, Blackstallion, whatever you want to call me. I had an account at MT for while, cancelled that to focus on school (just transferred to a new university), and now that I'm ready to do some foruming again I've heard everyone is coming here. 


A little about me: I currently split my time between Austin and San Antonio working for a design and automation company. I graduated from the University of Texas, with a degree in Mechanical engineering. 


My current vehicle is a 2013 f150 FX4, with the 5.0.  As far as modifications, it has 2" leveling spacers, 305/55 Nitto Terra Grapler tires (33" tall) on the factory 20" wheels (I'd like throw on some Raptor wheels with 35" BFGs, maybe next time), AFE cold air and tune from 5 star performance, flowmaster dual exhaust (factory resonator retained) and then a Badlanz electronic cutout before the resonator and muffler (it sounds damn good!). As for the interior, I've just replaced the door speakers with kicker ones using a line-ouput converter and amp to run them.


I'd love to get a sporty car again, and plan to once my truck is paid off (2.5 years to go!). What that car is depends completely on what's going on between the Mustang and Camaro. A gently used gt350 would be ideal, but realistically the normal Stang should be getting a small refresh by then. So it'll be between that or a Camaro, most likely.


That's about it for me, glad to be back on a forum!

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Welcome... I'm the ring leader around here..... if you have any questions or issues you can post them here or PM me directly.

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Hi Texas8709!

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Welcome to Cheers 'n Gears!


I'd love to hear how your truck sounds. That 5.0 and your modifications.. :D

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Hey, bud.

How have you been?




Why a pic of ZZ Top's Eliminator?


Because Texas! And because we both have a love affair with music...we could share music again!!!

Welcome back to posting!


And what else do I love about Texas?


We could share stories about dem Cowboys again!

Big changes I heard have started already...


And the time you shared your story about your neighbor's



We could share good talks about cars again!!!

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