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Would You Rather: Putting the 'Sport' in SUV Edition

Frisky Dingo

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Reminding us that SUV/CUV/SAV/WTFEverV's don't always have to suck, Porsche and Jaguar's latest respective offerings were involved in a battle of sorts over at C&D. I won't spoil the results, so here's the link-

C&D: Jaguar F-Pace vs Porsche Macan GTS


So the question is, which would you rather have?


Porsche Macan GTS




Jaguar F-Pace S




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Macan.  but if older Wrangler was in the choices, I would have picked that.  Not much of a luxury SUV kind of guy.

Would also take an Escalade over either of these, hands down and no questions asked!

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31 minutes ago, Stew said:

Of these 2, the Macan.  In reality a GC SRT8 :D

Agree that I would take a GC SRT8 over the Macan.  No questions asked.

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18 cubic feet behind the rear seats of the Mecan? Why not just buy a Cayman with that kind of space. That's just a tad over half of the cargo space in my Escape and the Jag. I know I don't need a lot of space but that's legitimately small. The Trunk of a fusion is 16cu.ft., Malibu 15.8, Camry 15.4, etc..

I know I'm picking at something small but people do buy these for their space and that number just doesn't make sense to me.

Gimme the Jag because it looks better and makes more sense.

If I were actually spending my own money I think it would be between the F-Pace and an AMG GLC 43

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13 minutes ago, oldshurst442 said:

How about a lifted Wrangler whatever lettering series it is?

Here, a 2 door. Is that sporty enough for ya?

Because it is for me!


I would take this over either the Porsche or the Jag all day and half of tonight. Only vehicle here doing any actual "sport" type work at all.

15 minutes ago, ykX said:

I think for that money I would rather have Range Rover sport.

Or optimally V6 GC and for the rest of the money whatever sports car I will be able to afford.

Agree on the V6 GC and a sports car.

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Not Thrilled by either one as they are not American, but then I have never been a fan of the bland Porsche look.

Jaguar F-Pace S if I could only choose between these two.

This is what I would rather have!

Hellcat Jeep Wrangler

Or I would take any of these custom Wranglers


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