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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    Acura Tweaking The ILX To Provide Better Value

    The Acura ILX will be getting more value in the future.

    By William Maley

    Staff Writer - CheersandGears.com

    January 9, 2013

    The Acura ILX hasn't been the success that the company has hoped for. Acura only sold 12,251 ILXs in 2012, which is way off the 30,000 goal they had set for the year. Acura admits this freely.

    “(The ILX is) not hitting our sales expectations. Consumers have told us they like the 2.4L and they wish they had an automatic, but they say the midrange vehicle is underpowered and they don’t see the value in it.” American Honda President John Mendel said to reporters at November’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

    The ILX comes in three different variations: a base 2.0L with an automatic transmission, a 2.4L with a six-speed manual, and a 1.5L hybrid model with a continuously variable transmission.

    This isn't the first mistake Acura has made with the ILX. Reviewers have complained that 2.4L doesn't offer the technology package that brings such features as navigation while the 2.0L and Hybrid offer it.

    “We’re doing some value enhancements on the car. We’re planning some as we go forward. But I think, overall, we have a good plan for ILX. It is bringing in buyers to Acura we had wanted, as in first-time luxury (buyers) or move-ups," Mendel said.

    Hopefully those enhancements include an automatic and a tech package for the 2.4L.

    Source: Wards Auto

    William Maley is a staff writer for Cheers & Gears. He can be reached at william.maley@cheersandgears.com or you can follow him on twitter at @realmudmonster.

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    User Feedback

    The ILX seems rather redundant w/ the TSX.

    Well there's speculation that the TSX and TL would merge into one model, thus giving space to the ILX... Whether that comes true or not, we shall see.

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    Offering the 2.4 liter ILX in the USA, or any 4-door passenger car for that matter, w/o an automatic transmission in the USA is moronic. 90% of the driver's can't drive a manual in this country!

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    ILX is not a TSX likely because the TSX chassis was too expensive, they wanted to cheapen it.

    I am slightly flabberghasted still at Honda's lack of turbo offings in the market. They dumped it on the RDX. Which for that was fine. But the ILX should have a turbo mill, i think. It's sorta expected in the lux market.


    Honda wanted the 2.0 as typical to keep mpg up and distance it from the TSX, which is not a heckuva lot larger.

    Honda, how about return to this for Acura.




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    It's amusing how surprised Honda is when they introduce ugly, uncompetitive vehicles and then they don't sell. I haven't driven an ILX, but I was not impressed when I sat in one.

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    Civic Si with the 2.4L doesn't come with an automatic either but you can get NAV. The upgraded trim, sound deadening and removal of sport suspension are not worth an extra 5 grand.

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    Word to the wise from your resident Acura dude...just because articles come out using quotations from Acura about changing things, then not, then yes again but other stuff, doesn't necessarily mean so.

    There has been chatter about the 2.0L for a while, Acura included. But it performs well in the car and would simply be even better with another gear, and direct injection. As is, peppy, efficient, and Honda smooth best describe it. I've not had any complaints about a lack of power from my clients considering or driving them. The car is smoother and quieter in ways than the larger TSX, but back to back where the TSX has a sport edge and firmer, communicative feel and more power (a few Acura drivers comparing have said "it's more BMW like" as the best way to explain), the ILX is softer and not as edgy.

    The TSX is going to remain, even as the price point of ILX to TSX causes confusion. The ILX should be just a bit less. The TSX is an upgrade in vehicle, but also very expensive to build and ship over from Japan...Acura's main issue with it right now. Lots of possibilities here.

    It's been an interesting car, just so new it has to catch traction. There is always room for advancement and adding features, updating powertrains, etc. but that's a good thing. To say the 2.0L will go away or was a mistake, that the 2.4L will be standard, etc. are just not correct yet. Intelligent blabber by Honda and writers to perk up peoples ears a bit.

    In the past month the ILX has caught nice traction, more so than before, part due to even more attractive leases and part them being on road. Hope to see it continue to advance, and it will. Not an issue like the 2012 Civic, by any means.

    We shall see. Watch and wait. Fun little car. Not necessarily what all previous larger Acura vehicle owners would expect or take to, but is getting new people from other brands into the brand.

    As for Turbo, not saying its a bad thing, but there are better options available and mainly by way of direct injection and newer transmissions. Turbos aren't for everyone and although our past RDX clients like them, the turbo surge and lower fuel economy of the last one weren't right for all. Too much for a smaller car, I think, that 2.3L at least.

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    Last rumor I've heard included dropping the 2.0L so that the 2.4L is standard across the board, and the base model with a $26795 MSRP will remain but drop the cloth/manual driver's seat and get the leather and power seat from the 2nd model up standard.

    We'll see. Now that its rated 35 mpg with the 2.0L, the ratings will need to drop if the engine does get bigger. Acura/Honda at least wait until very late to release details, and then the cars go on sale days to weeks after, right away or soon after. Wish other makers did that.

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