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Chinese JiangLing Landwind


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Chinese SUV Gets Worst-Ever Safety Grades
Date Posted 09-20-2005

LONDON — The JiangLing Landwind sport-utility vehicle, one of the first Chinese vehicles to hit a major western market, received the worst-ever score in European safety crash tests.

The two-ton 4x4 scored zero stars in crash tests last week by the ADAC, the German automobile club, which carries out tests for the European market, the Times of London reported.

"It had a catastrophic result," said a spokesman for the ADAC. "In our 20-year history, no car has performed as badly."

The Landwind, which competes against products such as the Kia Sportage and the Hyundai Tucson, was displayed at the Frankfurt motor show last week and is expected to arrive in British showrooms in a few months. It is already on sale in Germany, Belgium and Holland. A decision has not been made whether to sell the vehicle in the United States.

Safety researchers said a driver would be unlikely to survive a head-on collision at 40 mph in the Landwind.

What this means to you: Delete the JiangLing Landwind from your shopping list. Researchers warn it "belongs in the 1990s in terms of engineering." Edited by HarleyEarl
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My guess would be the Chinese ripped off the last-gen Rodeo for styling and the first-gen for platform. Anyone worried about Chinese cars coming here now? I dont think they're going to sell very well, no matter the price, if the driver is going to be crushed to death after rear-ending another car at 6mph. Edited by Satty
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It has nothing to do about where they're built. It has everything to do on what materials and engineering the car companies in China are using. Chinese companies that aren't co-owned by Foreign companies are not going to have any expertise in saftey. They're just making cars so they can turn a profit no matter how unsafe they are. I hope this will keep buying Chinese cars in the US. Sure, everyone wants to save a little dough but no one wants to die in a 40 mph accident.
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Doesn't really suprise me... sad to think that over half the junk in the US stores nowday's is made in China, and even more so, the big 3 want to start building cars there.

NAFTA = bad


What does the North American Free Trade Agreement have to do with China???

Besides, crash safety is all about IP, not where the cars are made.
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Isn't that just an Isuzu?


No, it's a copycat version......the Chinese do this all the time. It's comical to see some of the cars they try to pass off as their own (search the web for some). They are usually peices of junk. On the other hand, if the company is affiliated with a respected company like GM, VW, Honda, etc., then they will be MUCH safer and in al, better engineering.
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What does the North American Free Trade Agreement have to do with China???


Ummm... :blink: I'll just pretend I did not hear that.

Now as far as this PassWind, No way in hell would that driver be alive after that crash. A 120mph airbag in the face from 2" away.... a broken neck would be the least of his problems. *shudders*

Anyway as far as this thing crumpling up like a tin can I'm sure a few would say it's better than my 1968 Camaro or some other American classic car that distributes the forces to the passanger while barely denting. :rolleyes:

I should be dead after my accident. Head on into a guardrail in a 1968 Camaro wiht the front bumper & monunting hardware removed, no air bag and no crumpple zones, it's a mystery how I didn't get decapitated. (in all fairness I had a four point harness on and was sitting in a aluminum race seat)


But outside of my random blabbering let's just say Chinese Automakers are in the dark ages. Edited by Sixty8panther
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Are you serious? Why do you think most large US companies are now based over there?


I'm all but 100% certain US companies would still be based in China even without NAFTA, CAFTA, AUSTA, etc.

Edit: spelling Edited by sciguy_0504
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JiangLing apparently does have some business agreements with Isuzu. So it does appear this vehicle is in fact a 15 year old Rodeo, and it's not surprising that its crash test results would be more appropriate for a vehicle of that era.
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