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This Is Interesting...


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This is interesting:

"Robert Pastor, a leading intellectual force in the move to create an EU-style North American Community, told WND he believes a new 9/11 crisis could be the catalyst to merge the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

"Pastor, a professor at American University, says that in such a case the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, or SPP – launched in 2005 by the heads of the three countries at a summit in Waco, Texas – could be developed into a continental union, complete with a new currency, the amero, that would replace the U.S. dollar just as the euro has replaced the national currencies of Europe.

Pastor was asked what North American leaders would need to do to move toward integration.

"It's not that I want another 9/11 crisis, but having a crisis would force decisions that otherwise might not get made."


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If there is any chance of this actually happening, I doubt it will happen before January, 2009.


It will be interesting to see what happens in Jan 09...my guess is Bush will declare martial law and try and make himself emperor for life...:)

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All of these qualifiers come to mind instantly. Another 9/11 style attack won't make this happen - that's just off-base. I do see the three nations moving even closer together each year though. Additionally, the sheer numbers involved in border crosssing between Mexico and the US demand some kind of legal accomodation.

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A merger simply doesn't make sense to me.

It doesn't make sense to me, economically. NAFTA failed both the American, and Mexican, people big time. And I don't see how anyone could merge the Mexican, and American, cultures. For while America, and Americans, have a 'melting pot' mentality, the Mexican culture is very nationalistic, and non-inclusive.

And while the American, and Canadian, cultures have more in common than the Mexican/American cultures, Americans, unfortunately, have never looked at Canadians, in a 'peer-to-peer' sort of way.

Historically, we're in a very interesting period of time...

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But not the problems associated with it.

My fear here is the U.S. will end up paying for a whole bunch more than it already does, primarily WRT Mexico. I'm unwilling to risk that economic burden.

I see no benefits to 'rupturing the dam' whatsoever and frankly, Mexico's economy does not concern me- this nation's 'concerns' dish is full enough as it is.

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Although there certainly are arguments on both sides (no pun intended), we only need to look to the reunification of Germany if we want clues as to what may happen if the three countries merged.

Germans have a lot more historical/cultural ties than Mexico/Canada/USA, yet their growing pains have been substantial. Parts of the former Eastern Germany are still like a war zone and unemployment rates across all of Germany are at the top of Europe. They've had nearly 15 years and they are still experiencing challenges.

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Historically, we're in a very interesting period of time...


agree with most of your post NDL but I dont agree with the "interesting" part, I find these times dreadfully dull and non productive of solid long term results. I see it more as a bunch of chickens running around the door yard doing alot of clucking over nothing thats relevent.

Ever been on a job of what ever kind, and have to sit idle while a bunch of brainiacs scratch their foreheads and diddle around pondering something that is not the real issue at hand and a long ways away from the work that needs to get done that day or that week ?

Thats how I feel about these times. To many serious problems to be spending all this time and money about the borders. Borders are easy to protect. All mammals

are territorial are protective of their own interests, in the new millinium we seem to be wasteing alot of time trying to "reinvent the wheel" (brain) while ignoring our own inner city and out of the loop rural communities.

Seeing these problems being successfully addressed would be something I'd place in the interesting catagory.

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