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Hyundai Concept Genesis

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This is what happens when you put all the other Japanese companies designs together along with what seems to be Aston Martin tailights in a blender, and...Poof!!...you have a design that looks like everything else.

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This would compete well. I believe this is actually previewing their Equus large sedan. It is a luxury car that will be above the Azera and aimed at Lexus, Infiniti but at a cheaper price. The spy photos indicate that the design and the prototypes are quite alike is styling. I also really like the New York licence plate addition.

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I am sure most of you have seen this by now. The concept Genesis. The spy photo that is floating around the net and rumor has it that, the production ready car has been seen, that looks very much like the concept except that the headlight is now a normal version, not the fancy one you saw on the concept.

Well, I hope it does well as well, since, as a Korean myself, I would love to see Hyundai grow from a cheap car maker to an upgraded status.

By seeing their recent products, I can see that the Korean makes are learning from their mistakes and building a better, more quality laden cars these days, which is a good sign, though I won't buy Korean cars, but I wish them a good luck and hope they succeed.

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Well, I kinda like it believe it or not. Comming from Hyundai especially. I really wished they'd keep the fancy headlights that they had on that concept(which I actually saw in person in the NY Auto Show, and believe me, it looks way better than the picture shows, and way bigger than you can imagine when it comes to the size). Rumor has it that, if the Genesis succeeds in customer reaction and in sales and all, Hyundai may create a new luxury division like the Japanese Toyota, Honda, and Nissand did with their Lexus, Acura, and Infinity, which I think is not a bad idea. Provided, only IF they succeed with this big sedan, which is a question mark, since most Americans still consider Hyundai as nothing more than a cheap, breakable cars which they were in the mid 80's when they first exported their excels to US. Even though the models they are selling right now are far better and advanced than those Excels and the 1st generation Sonatas were, well, in my opinion.(I have never owned a Hyundai so)

Too bad it will lose one of the rival that it will compete against when it debuts. Grand Prix won't be there to compete against this low ball Korean make(since I was hoping that Pontiac would update the mechanic and styling for 09 for the Grand Prix, but oh well.). To me, G8, and other cars in the same leaque will eat this Hyundai alive since they have much larger fan-base and reputation than the Hyundai, however much price advantage this big car has. I heard that their Veracruz isn't selling well since it is simply more expensive than the other Hyundai models, so....

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