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G8 Arrowhead


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I really like it, and this as a lifelong Pontiac fan (I've owned 7 so far, wife has owned 2). The 2nd Arrowhead features fine upward-angled lines in the background- hopefully they show up well in the pic.

Looks very sharp, and for what is in reality quite minor in revision; very fresh. I'd green-light it first thing Monday morning.

Posted Image

Sorry for the moire' in the scan- my software has no provision for counter-acting this. The pic is from an G8 article in Smoke Signals, the monthly magazine of the Pontiac-Oakland Club International. Enjoy.

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Don't count this one out as feedback has been positive.

It is one of the few thing most people seem to agree on with the newer cars.

I have yet to here it is not retro enough or does not look like a Pontiac emblem.

I expect we will see it some time in the future.

I like it as you know it is a Pontiac emblem with out giving you that old 60's look. It like the G8 has entered the 21 century.

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I might sound silly, but I love the one on the G6, GP GXP, Solstice, Torrent not the one on the GP, GP GT or Vibe. My Bonneville was blessed with the updated one because the Bonneville GXP along with the GTO were the first ones to be blessed with the updated chrome edged arrow-head. My 2005 SLE followed suit along with the G6, and GP GXP. I don't dislike the new one but would wait a few years to use it. It is good but the cut-out at the top is what I don't like. Having said that the one on the current Vibe and lesser GP's is ugly but I do like the current one just fine. What the new one will prolly grow on me, it is no reason to avoid buying a G8 if it uses the new logo tho.

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The design is great, and the detailing is beautiful, but I really agree that it needs color! Everyone complained about being boring when they took the color out of the Buick logo, yet they all love the idea of ANOTHER plain chrome emblem now.

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I too hope this becomes Pontiac's new logo.

That is one sharp emblem. I even like the

fact that it's monochromatic. It's elegant,

classy & yet somehow more RAW than the

sissy calipers & ovals the Japanese use.

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