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The new 2008 Opel Vectra is obviously very close to introduction based on how many times it has been turning up at the far end of spy camera lenses lately. The latest images that have appeared show a couple of views of the new car with all the striped mylar photoshopped away to give us a clean look at the first vehicle built on General Motor's Epsilon II platform.

The car pictured here will be appearing stateside in about two years wearing Saturn badges as the new Aura. Variants with different bodies will also appear as the next next Chevy Malibu, Saab 9-3 and 9-5, and possibly even more.

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Wow, I'm honestly disappointed.

I hate the shape of the tail lights...they look Korean...and the headlights/front end look like the Epica...it lost it's aggressiveness and it will loose the Aura's clean Euro-styling in favor of Korean.

Hopefully those were part of the Photoshop chop....and it looks better than this, but so far I'm let down.

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Yeah, in fact, I could've sworn I've seen these exact same images (same angles at least) somewhere else as camo'd spyshots. You can even kinda tell because the chop shares the same kind of matte finish that black camo gives off, as well as some other things, like ravenfreak pointed out (lack of hood line), among other things that give it a very strong "chopped" appearance.

edit: upon further inspection, the chrom doesn't fit in at all with the lighting, that opel badge on the rear doesn't fit at all, same goes for the contrast on the taillights, and even the lines (same goes for the headlights, and there would be no reason for the headlights to have a matte finishe like that either). If you look close enough, there is still camo on part of the rear passenger windows, and in the first shot if you look really close you can see the edge of the camo on the hood (looking through the passenger side door through the windshield).

Edited by Nick
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Invisible Exhausts.

Not quite...Lots of manufacturers hide their exhausts behind the bumpers on some models. Still just a chop though. Edited by Nick
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But if it "looks great" on top of "Quality, value, economy, and overall performance" then it's not just keeping up with the competition, it will have an edge.

Good enough isn't good enough. It must be stunning and excellent in every category. That is how you gain sales.

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