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I think my new neighbors are Lebanese

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Oh my. The folks who had the Yaris and xB moved out of the other half of the duplex and two chicks are moving in. My first clue was the other evening, I was mowing and they were on their deck. One ordinary, the other a bit of a stand-out with a do-rag and football jersey (but not overly butch). Then this evening, the one girl's dad was there doing some carpentry and he mentioned in passing that there will be two dogs, one belonging to his daughter, the other to "her girlfriend". WHAT SHOULD I DO ABOUT THIS??? :AH-HA_wink:
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  • Buy a video camera with night vision.
  • Record.
  • Download.
  • Save As.
  • Sell / Post on the internet.
  • Repeat.


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blu, a word of advice, if it smells like fish, eat it!

Your Pal Bö®gÉr! :smilewide:

There's so many things that could be wrong about that.

If it smells that bad you might want to apply some vagisil...

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Well I like a lot of different kinds of fish, but I sense there'd be a bit of resistance from both sides if I try to sample these ones. Nick, OMG, you work with Paula Abdul?:huh:

Anyway, I've seen a lot of different vehicles over there, but NO FORESTERS yet. Perhaps that means I am wrong about their nationality? Nah, I think it just means they have a bunch of friends and family helping them work on the house. They're due to move in officially around July 15.

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Ugh... disgusting. I just can't stand the homosexually-challenged.

EDIT: The male homosexually challenged.

Edited by Paolino
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