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My dog Lucky developed a limp about three weeks ago. Given that it manifested itself after she a) had been roughhousing with our other dogs and b) jumped off the deck, I decided to have her looked at. The vet on call first said it was a sprain and gave me some happy pills to give to her. Even on the happy pills she still favored it and it got no better. So I brought her back in and the same vet ran bloodwork on her. The regular vet I regularly deal with said the bloodwork came back positive for Lyme Disease, and told me to stop the happy pills and give her these antibiotics instead. One week later, still no improvement. Last Thursday I take her back to my regular vet and he looks at her right front arm and says he wants to take several X rays of it. He does and finds a mass on the arm, and its a classic sign of bone cancer. He recommended me to an oncologist to get a bone biopsy and go over treatment options.

Monday rolls around and I take her in. Here's how they explain it to me: it's a aggressive cancer that will spread no matter what. The most common method of treatment is amputation followed by chemo. If I do all that, she's likely to last a year. If I do one of those two, she has about 4-6 months. If I do nothing, she'll start to go downhill after a month.

I agree to the bone biopsy because there's still a chance that it could be a more treatable form of cancer. They take her in the back and schedule her for the afternoon, She's only supposed to spend one night, but she ends up spending two because an all-hands-on-deck situation at the hospital delayed her surgery. I picked her up today, with a satellite dish, some more happy pills, and some new antibiotics. I should have the biopsy results by next Tuesday.

If it is bone cancer, I've decided that I shouldn't go for their treatments. Aside from the costs, which are astronomical, I cannot see putting her through the rigors of tradtiional cancer treatment only to put the inevitable off slightly. I am going to pursue a holistic approach to managing the cancer, which focuses on using diet and immune therapy to help the dog's body fight the cancer on its own. I know it's a Hail Mary pass, but the alternative is too barbaric and brutal that really doesn't accomplish much.

Here's a pic of her, pre-tumor. Her whole arm and shoulder is shaved bare from when they did the biopsy.


So yeah, so far being 30 isn't that great.

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That really, really sucks, Z.

I've been through it before, and I'll never do it again.

I'm not ususally big on putting a dog down, but watching mine go just tore me apart.

My hope is that she has something that can be treated... :yes:

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We had to have a cancerous gland taken out of our 12-year old beagle back in March. The vet called it an aggressive cancer, but said that it was removed at the right time, before it really had a chance to metastasize. The post-op x-rays were good, so we're hopeful that it's been taken care of.

It really sucks when you know that your pets are hurting and there's not much that can be done about it. Best of luck with your dog, Z.

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Sorry to hear that Z28, putting a pet down is the hardest thing in the world to do, even if it's the best thing for them.

Hopefully the cancer is treatable, but if it isn't, it sounds like you have made the best choice for you both.

I was a wreck after we had to put my 16 year-old dog down a few years ago...it was like losing a best friend. Good luck and best wishes for you and Lucky.

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Most good dog owners revere their dogs, because our dogs love us unceasingly with their whole body and soul. z, I wish you and your sweet dog strength and grace over the next weeks and months. I still miss my little Meggie, and it will be 3 years this December since she left me.
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Wow... that's sad, sorry to hear.

Try your best to stay positive! :mellow:

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Sorry Z. Really. It's amazing how close a pet can be to their master.

My Chinese pug, Saffron, developed a tumor on her bottom jaw back about 5 months ago. It appeared out of no where and took just a few days to become the size of an olive. The first thing that popped into my head was cancer also... which is really a disturbing thought since she just turned 3 last month.

Luckily it was benign and the vet stated it would disappear over the next several months... and it has. She now has a pink scar where the tumor once was, but hey, I'll take the scar over losing her any day. It also gives her some character. lol

I can't really describe how I'd feel if it had been malignant. I would have been extremely upset to say the least. The past few years (oddly enough, since I turned 30) haven't been the easiest and Saffron has been there providing tons of smiles and moral support.

Try to make her days as comfortable as possible. Spend lots of time with her and let her know how much you love her. :)

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Damn, Z.

I'm really sorry to hear this, and I've been there not so long ago. The day that Lasher made that last ride to the vet was one of the toughest I've ever had. I almost made it through without losing it, until I had to ask them to do the deed - that was just one notch more than I could take.

Your approach is the right one - and you may be surprised at how well it works. After the damage from the Lyme disease was quantified, Lasher was given about 6 weeks - but he lasted another year (much of which had a pretty good quality of life). So, don't give up just yet.

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