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What are C&G'ers playing these days?

I've been playing a game called 'Combat Arms' which is free, and pretty awesome, and spares my 2005 laptop from being engulfed in flames courtesy of nVidia.

But I may look for something new. Any suggestions?

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i'm not playing much online games these days... if i could i'd play COD4. my pc is not that good. i used to play ut2004.

if i had more discretionary income i'd get new pc parts. diablo 2 is still a great game.

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Well I've been criticized in the past for being a GM employee, that plays online video games. I guess I soon will be criticized for being an avid cyclist too. I will say this, I am not a one dimensional person, I have varied interest and skill sets. With that being said, here is what I play online at this point in time. :smilewide:

rFactor, a new racing simulation series from Image Space. (one of the best I've seen)

Various FPS - First Person Shooter games, Halflife 2 etc.

Hellgate London -

Shot Online - MMORPG Golf Game, It's the Geek in me! :smilewide:

Eve Online - Space Game -

Freelancer - Space Trader Game -

( I run server in Europe and in North America for this game)

Star Fleet Command III - Star Trek Game, this game went out of stock in 2003, and now sells for hundreds of dollars when you can find it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zqo1jzHbM4

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I don't really play online games, although there was this really addicting one that was a simple flash animation where you flew a helicopter through obstacles in the sky...I forgot what it is called.

Years ago when I was in high school, I loved playing Midtown Madness 1 multiplayer at the MSN Gaming Zone. It's one of the few PC multiplayer games I played, and I'd spend hours playing cops and robbers with my downloaded Mustangs, Monte Carlos, and Trans Ams. I'm kinda sad Microsoft petered out on the Midtown Madness series...the third edition wasn't even released for PC. It was a great game.

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dude rfactor isn't new. its been around for a while.

an amazing race game is live for speed. download the demo and you will want to buy the full version in minutes amazing physics like no other and supports the logitech G25 wheel.

as for shooters cod 4 and counter strike source sometimes crysis

but addicting games deadliest catch, dope farmer, car theif, 18 wheels of steel series, sim copter, and capitalism 2

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sim copter

Man, that game was addicting. I'd waste entire days playing it when I was in junior high. I kinda wish they would do a new version with better graphics...I always liked the idea of being able to fly around my Sim Cities.

I also had Streets of SimCity...didn't have nearly the staying power with me that SimCopter had though, mostly b/c the car physics were horrible and that game was rampant with bugs.

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Playing on PS2...

Gran Turismo 4...I have had the game with my son for a few years and have tons of cars... Favs include fully tuned GNX (I have a few) a Mustang GT-350, the '96 Corvette Grand Sport, '05 Acura NSX, '70 Chevelle SS 454, '64 GTO, '05 Chrysler 300C Hemi, '69 Camaro Z28 and SS, '69 Corvette Stingray, '04 Chevy SSR and the list could go on and on. Also have alot of ricer Honda/Acura products in Type R and S trim. I even have a '02 Prius (fully pimped slow as hell) and the 2004 I have isn't much better. (Thats fully tuned too.) I also love my '67 Cougar with mags too that thing is sweet!

NFS Pro Street Favorite Cars... Prostreet Mustang GT, Prostreet '66 GTO, and a Prostreet '70 Chevelle SS 454, a Ford GT, Dodge Viper, Corvette Z06 you get the idea... and I am forgetting like 5 other cars I have...

and that is about it...

Some Sims actually...

My kids play more than I do tho...

Wishing for a PS3 my wife is not feeling it since when I got the PS2 I was hooked and the 400 bucks isn't helping my cause either...

I would get the Gran Turismo 5 *first one Pro... something* and then get the real game when it comes out this spring or winter I do believe. There is always disagreement about that tho.

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I would get the Gran Turismo 5 *first one Pro... something* and then get the real game when it comes out this spring or winter I do believe. There is always disagreement about that tho.

prologue :)

there was an article i saw that they think an updated/new Wii in 2010/2011 or so would be a great move. thinking the ps3 won't change for a long time and prolly stay expensive. a new wii would push for a revised ps3/ new ps4 maybe the next xbox.

who knows.

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http://www.lfs.net/ live for speed seriously try the demo.

Another addicting as hell TOTALY Free game Rigs of rods where chasis flex will ruin your ride. physics and structural physics outstanding. http://rigsofrods.com/

download http://repository.rigsofrods.com/

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