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Videro evidence-worlds dumbest Toyota driver...

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It had to have been intentional he even had a has blinker on like he was trying to fool the cop. How did he get the back end of the 4 banger Camri over the Vicy? (Must ride like a truck!) This made my day! Too funny.

I'm guessing the combination of FWD, torque, and and the slick plastic bumpers enabled the Camry to climb on the CV..

By the way, I posted this one about a month or two ago...

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My only questions are...

1) Was that intentional?

2) Why did he keep revving the engine while on top of the cruiser?

Beyond that...


Well of course it was intentional because he kept revving the car after it got stock on the CV.

Too funny, Sixxy8 will enjoy it. :lol:

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The throttle could have been stuck. I wouldn't rule that out.

I was half expecting the Camry to drive up and over the police cruiser. I guess this is why it's important to have a standard size and height bumper. Imagine if you took the cruiser and rammed into the back of the Camry at speed. Would it flip the Camry up and over like in video games?? :scratchchin:

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is that new Toyota rusting underneath?? I never...

Had one of my cars in for an oil change, in the next bay was a six or seven year old Toyota. After about 7 years it was so rusted that they told the owner the car was too shot to perform an alignment. I know Ohio has bad winters, but there are 1984 Cutlasss Cieras and such running around here doing just fine.

The shop said that toyotas were the WORST cars on the road for rust anymore.


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